Inscriptions & Mantras – stories behind our jewelry pieces (Part 2)

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In a recent blog post about our Inscriptions and Mantras we shared a selection of beautiful stories and tales from selected members of our beloved community. Stories that related to our jewelry in ways we could have never imagined. Stories that link to our jewelry pieces that make up special moments of life.

We didn’t want to hold back on sharing more of these beautiful words with you:

I sink into love necklace

Our dear friend and brand influencer Maxene Magalona who is an active mental health advocate and actress in the Philippines has been a lover of our brand for a few years now. She recently connected with a piece of our Moon collection – the I sink into love necklace.

Here is her story with it:

"I love the intricate design of the pendant which has an image of the last quarter moon and the prettiest little stones. But what my soul really resonated with was the engraving on the back that says, “I trust myself and sink into love”.

Before I had a daily spiritual practice I used to look outward for help especially when challenging situations arose. Now, ever since I started meditating and really deepening my connection to the Divine, I’ve learned to trust myself more. Whenever I am faced with life’s challenges, I sit in meditation, silently pray and ask God for answers and patiently wait for the solutions to come to me. Instead of panicking or going into a frenzy, I take a pause, breathe and surrender as I truly believe that God always has my back. I know that this is a compassionate Universe that we move in and if I just live with love, then that is the same kind of energy that will be reciprocated back to me. 


I Sink Into Love Necklace & Bracelet

Trusting myself has always been one of my biggest issues. I personally have a hard time trusting and believing in myself because of having low self-esteem and no sense of self-worth. I always had to look outwards for strength. Through daily meditation, I slowly realized that everything that I ever needed was already within me. By focusing on my breath and cultivating a deeper relationship with myself, I was able to tap into my own inner wisdom and power. I now understand that if I want to be a strong and resilient soul, I have to consciously work on eliminating my fears and doubts and start believing in myself more. This makes me see and feel my spiritual strength and rest in the knowing that God’s love is the energy that flows through my veins. This necklace is a beautiful reminder for me."

Here to be

Anna, a member of our community in Ubud and close friend of the brand felt an instant connection to our Here to be pieces:

"‘I am the witch I came here to be’ were the words I wrote into my journal one particular night after a dropped-in evening of meditation, ritual and practice on my own. It felt ‘witchy’ in a way, however, not in a sense that I was sitting here spell casting, bewitching people and brewing weird concoctions (as the cliche idea of a witch would most likely look like).

I had taken myself on a deep meditation in which I walked the edges of my inner landscape on a quest for connection and deeper truth. After a little while I reached a point on this journey in which I encountered the energy of a group of women. Looking closely I had suddenly found myself surrounded by the presence of my mother, my godmother, my grandmother and all other mothers before me. I tapped into a felt-sense of connection with my maternal lineage and I was deeply humbled by the beautiful women that all of a sudden surrounded me.

‘I am the witch I came here to be’ echoed in my head. A felt sense of remembrance and understanding that here is where I belong began to spread throughout my entire system: I am a part of this circle of powerful and beautiful women – past, present and emerging. There was an instant recognition of an innate wisdom that is available to me at all times, stemming from something bigger and greater than me. Impersonal, deeply alive, accompanied by the nurturing warmth and energy of fire.


I Sink Into Love Necklace & Bracelet

As I came across Ananda Soul’s collection and this particular piece, I instantly felt the energy of this piece. It matched my very same experience I had that particular night. Women, starting from the medieval days had always been called out and accused of being witches, receiving the blame for anything that seemed threatening to any structure of a patriarchal society. In truth, a witch is something entirely different.

A witch is an empowered women. One that understands and holds and yields her power ever so gently, a women connected to her body and creative centre, full of trust and knowledge about how to move through life, this world, her relationships. One that beholds the wisdom and instinct of all women before her - one that understands ritual, remedy and instinctive nature. She is one that is deeply connected to the earth, knowing this is where true abundance stems from, where she can recharge and replenish and learn and listen to what is needed to be able to show up fully in her world.

I wear these pieces with pride. For I am the witch I came here to be – as an honouring of all the beautiful women that have paved the way for me to be here to continue the work that is so needed in this world."

What pieces resonate most with you? And is there a story to it? We would love to hear it from you

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