A Look Into Gemstone Benefits And Uses

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Gemstone Benefits And Uses

Gemstones have been valued for centuries for their beauty and rarity, but these precious rocks have more than ornamental value. Since ancient times, cultures around the world have harnessed the power of crystals and stones to aid in healing the body and empowering the mind. The secret world of sacred stones is available today to anyone who desires it. If you have been looking to incorporate the benefits of gemstones in your life, read on to discover their many uses – and which stone may be right for where you are in your current personal journey.

What are Gemstones?

The term “gemstones” commonly conjures images of glittering diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, but the category also includes more accessible options beyond these traditional precious stones. No one definition covers everything we culturally consider gemstones today: organic or mineral, delicate or durable, precious or common – gemstones come in a variety of forms.

The collective qualities that bind gemstones as a group tend to be more cultural than scientific: the value we place on them, their use in jewelry and other adornments, and the ways in which we use them for physical and spiritual healing.

What are Gemstones Used for?

While gemstones are most famous for their use in fine jewelry, many cultures around the world have utilized these stones for their healing properties for thousands of years. Benefits vary from stone to stone. Some common uses for gemstones include promoting balance, sustaining healing, bringing clarity and soothing stress, sadness and other negative emotions. Some stones can also have an effect on specific areas of the body, such as the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems.

Learn how to Utilize the Benefits of Gemstones

There is no right or wrong way to use gemstones in your physical and spiritual healing processes. While some practitioners may place stones directly onto the body to promote healing, you do not need direct skin contact to derive the benefits of gemstones. Keeping the stone close to your body is normal practice and can be just as effective

Depending on the stone and its intended use, you may wish to place it on your bedside table, carry it with you, or simply spend time looking at it. Wearing gemstones ornamentally, such as in a ring or necklace or other piece of fine jewelry, is a common way to tap into the power and healing qualities of gemstones.

More important than how you physically interact with a gemstone is how you incorporate it into your emotional, mental and spiritual practices. Gemstones can promote healing, and can be used as a tool for guiding their user through the act of self-healing. 

Start by setting your intention for the stone. Hold it your hands and focus on what you would like the stone to do for you. In this way you are tapping into your own intentions and using the stone to help you manifest your own beliefs. Now when you look at it in the future, it will remind you of the truth or healing you desire by bringing this particular stone or crystal into your life. Once you have set your intentions, be sure to take time daily to interact with the stone in your chosen way.

What are the Different Gemstones?

Every gemstone has its own unique mix of benefits, from the ability to assist in balancing one’s chakras to discharging negative energy or enhancing mental focus. Below is a brief overview of some gemstone benefits. Note: This list is meant only as an introduction. For more in-depth information, as well as potential affirmations that can be used with each stone, please visit our Healing Gemstones page.

Amazonite has soothing and calming qualities. This mint green stone brings balance, stimulates integrity, truth and honor, and is said to balance male and female energies. It is known to help the body absorb calcium and therefore aids in cases of calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, tooth decay, muscle spasms and menstrual cramps. Amazonite is truly a wonder of a gemstone.

Amethyst is known to calm and bring clarity to the mind, to relieve stress, sooth sadness, anger and anxiety and balance mood swings. This purple gemstone promotes focus and stimulates motivation, concentration and memory.

Aquamarine is known to bring calmness and peace and facilitate meditation. It strengthens self-expression and sensitivity. Aquamarine can also aid the elimination of fluids, balance hormones and strengthen the immune system.

Ananda Soul Aquamarine Jewelry: Om Tat Sat Ring & The Power of Intuition Necklace

Ananda Soul Aquamarine Jewelry: Om Tat Sat Ring & The Power of Intuition Necklace

Blue topaz is known to assist in balancing the fifth chakra (known as the throat chakra or vishuddha). It promotes joy and abundance, encourages honesty, and aids in the expression of ideas and artistic inspirations. Blue topaz aids digestion, fortifies the nerves, balances emotions and stimulates metabolism.

Citrine is a beautiful yellow-gold stone known for its energizing properties and ability to cleanse negative energy. It can balance emotions and provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Citrine’s cleansing and purifying properties also have benefits for the endocrine and digestive systems.

Crystal quartz is often considered the master healer of the gemstone kingdom. This pink stone can balance and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Its ability to amplify energy makes it good for pairing with other crystals.

Garnet is known to balance energy and encourage positive thinking. This traditionally deep red stone is often referred to as a “love” stone, encouraging intimacy and passion in relationships. It can also stimulate the metabolism, increase overall energy levels and give the immune system a boost.

Green tourmaline has a powerful connection to the heart chakra and is known to have beneficial healing properties for the physical heart. It encourages feelings of joy and happiness, brings us in alignment with nature, and promotes vitality.

Herkimer quartz ‘diamonds’ are meant to be the ethical and sustainable diamonds of the gemstone world. They are a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy and can facilitate the removal of energy blocks in a healing environment. Learn more about them here.

Labradorite has a strong connection to the crown chakra and can aid the expansion of your mind and your spiritual growth. This stone, a dazzling combination of blues and greens, carries the potency of transformation and is a good companion through change.

Ananda Soul Labradorite Jewelry: Among the stars Earrings & Necklace , Here To Be Necklace

Ananda Soul Labradorite Jewelry: Among the stars Earrings & Necklace , Here To Be Necklace

Lava stones are believed to carry a strong connection to the earth and can help balance emotions and bring about calmness and strength. Lava stones can also increase your general energy and assertiveness.

Moonstone aids in inner growth, strengthens intuition and stabilizes emotions. This traditionally creamy white stone can also help balance the digestive system and stimulate the pineal gland, which can help to balance hormones.

Onyx provides strength and support and also has soothing qualities that can help alleviate fear and stress.This black stone can also help with skin ailments, infections and inflammation. It is known to increase happiness, intuition and good fortune.

Pink tourmaline is a deeply nurturing stone known to calm and soothe the heart both physically and emotionally. This love-enhancing stone, which ranges from soft pink to deep red, attracts joy, relaxation and happiness.

Rhodolite encourages healthy sexuality, strengthens the metabolism and helps in treatment of heart and lung problems. This beautiful pink stone is also balancing for the heart chakra, opening the heart to give and receive love, increasing compassion for oneself and for others. 

Rose quartz opens its wearer to all forms of love. This pale rose pink stone quartz also has soothing properties for the nervous system, lowering stress levels and increasing happiness, as well as healing properties for the physical heart and circulatory system.

Smokey quartz offers protection from negative energy, and is an excellent stone for grounding the holder, making it useful for protection against emotional and environmental stresses. Due to its powers, this stone is vastly used in healing and meditation. Check out our smokey quartz gemstone collection

White topaz supports improved mental clarity. This iridescent stone has loving energy that helps you to replace negativity with love, joyfulness and calmness. White Topaz is a strong healing stone, as it will help those who are feeling low and in need of extra energy.

Ananda Soul for All Your Gemstone Needs

At Ananda Soul, we use only 100% natural gemstones in our designs. We believe in business practices that favor our planet and humanity. We work hard to partner with small family-owned companies that harvest materials with the lowest impact possible  on the land and its communities. As a conscientious consumer, you can feel assured that you are purchasing an ethically made piece to bring joy and healing into your life.

Every piece of Ananda Soul Jewelry is blessed in Bali. Under the guidance of a Balinese priest, we gather affirmations, prayers, good intentions, and energy to breathe life and blessings into our designs before sending them out into the world and into your hands. This sets the foundation for the stone’s work in your own life.

If you are looking to incorporate the benefits of gemstones into your daily life, we invite you to explore our collection of gemstone jewelry and find the right piece for your life today.

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