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How can I be in integrity with my values, in every decision, every interaction, every moment, in every aspect of my business and my life? 

This is a question I kept on asking myself every single day. As an attempt to find an answer to my life’s calling Ananda Soul Creations was born. In the process of running this little business since 2018, I learned to trust that the answers will unfold as long as I stay clear and present with my values and connected to my truth and most importantly to my heart.



Ananda Soul was born out of my deep desire and calling to combine art, the love for our planet, Bali’s enchanting, rich and life-changing culture, my desire to give back to community and planet, my intention to empower women and to spread the message of radical inclusivity, body positivity and to normalize the significance of mental health. Over the course of the last decade our jewlery has brought joy and blessings to thousands of people who got in touch with our designs. This includes everyone – from the people who source our materials, to our production team, marketing team, our shop assistants, our fulfillment team all the way to you who gets to wear our creations.


Ananda Soul wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of a group of incredible women from all over Indonesia. Ananda Soul grew from an initial team of 2 people in 2008 to 22 team members in 2021. Today, this team creates and nurtures the bond of a family. To cultivate a sense of family at work has always been one of my biggest aspirations ever since I first started Ananda Soul. The women in my business show up for their families, their loved ones and themselves, for each other and – because of the greater field and intention that connects us – for our work and our brand. It has been my philosophy from the very start to keep creating the roles that suit their skills and contributions to Ananda the most.


Ni Made Marhayuni

Bu YuniWe gently call her ‘Bu Yuni’ (the Indonesian word Ibu means mother or woman and is often used as a formal or respectful address to women who are married or older).

Ibu Yuni is our operations manager and has been leading the biggest part of the Ananda Soul team on the operational ground for the last six years. She joined the company when business was picking up and growing out of its first baby shoes.

When I asked her what makes her the most happy, she named her children and ‘making other people happy’. Outside of work Ibu Yuni loves to spend time in her little garden - or in nature in general.

Ibu Yuni’s favourite Ananda Soul pieces are earrings. Any earrings. She doesn’t wear anything else :)


Desak Putu Yulia Artini


Yulia is our production manager. She holds all the knowledge around our material, production procedures, artisans and how to gently take care of our love pieces. Watching her handle and deal with our pieces with so much care touches something within me every time.

Yulia has been with us for the last 7 years. She surely has been one of the bedrocks of the original Ananda Soul team. 

As a profound connoisseur of all our jewelry she feels mostly drawn to the Power of Intuition necklace with its beautiful Aquamarine. 

What makes Yulia happy? To work hard :) and to spend time with her family. Which is why she loves to spend her free time mostly visiting them, especially her mother who she loves to help and spend time with in her own Warung.


Novy Linasari


If you ever reached out to us via email it is very likely that you have already been in touch with our Customer Service and Happiness Angel and Manager Novy. She is the one whispering gentle and clear words via Email to anyone who has questions and concerns, always willing to listen and to receive.

Novy is a true blessing and an Angel in disguise that came out to play when she was in front of the camera.

Novy has been with our team for 2,5 years now and I wouldn’t want to miss her on any other day.

Novy is happiest when life goes smoothly without any drama. She loves to see her son growing and being comfortable in the environment he gets to be raised in. To watch him enjoy his current stage of life (he is now 1.5 years old).

In her spare time Novy loves to make dessert, she makes an epic pesto that she sells locally, too – or catches up on all her parenting books that have been piling up on her desk ever since her baby boy was born.

Novy loves the symbols of Universal balance, because we all need that balance in our lives. Our One Day at a time pieces resonate so strongly with her during her daily chaos and are good reminders for her to sometimes take a step back.


Intan A Constantine


Intan is a biiiiig person in a small physical frame and our Marketing strategy manager. 

What she creates, illustrates, edits and captures turns into Gold – literally :)  She is all that you get to see when you experience Ananda Soul on our digital channels.

Intan has been with Ananda Soul for 3 years. Our soul team is a whole new family for her and she shared with me that going to work feels like visiting her family house.

Originally from Borneo Intan left her home to take on the world one step at a time. She is self-sufficient and there isn’t really anything she is not curious about. If she doesn’t know it, she sits down and learns everything about it.

Apart from reading she enjoys drawing and scribbling, doing completely nothing and cooking! She really loves that and that’s when she is at her happiest, too. Next to little treats and special moments like her man and dog greeting her at the door every time she comes home from work, the smell of fresh grass and when her dogs and family are happy and healthy.

Intan’s favourite pieces are the Surrender to the flow ring - that she felt drawn to the moment she tried it on (“It was made for me!”) and “I love the Dare to shine Angel necklaces, as a beautiful reminder because I'm a shy person and love to be backstage. I'm daring my self to shine slowly every day.”


Indah Purnama Dewi


Dewi’s name literally translates as ‘Beautiful Moon Goddess’. With this name (and of course her impeccable skill set and intelligence) she was made for becoming a part of Ananda Soul.

She is our E-commerce & Business Development Manager and has been with Ananda Soul for 6 months now. Just like Intan it feels so much longer. She brings in her zest for life, laughter and her calling everyone ‘Babe’ makes me grin and smile every time.

Dewi loves her family and enjoys spending her time with her friends, going to the beach, shopping and having an occasional beer (as you do as a Moon Goddess).

Dewi ‘obviously’ loves the most our Shoot for the Moon jewelry range as it reminds her of ‘that moment, when you don’t really know where you are headed, but suddenly there is this urge, this call that you need to follow. That’s why I am here.”


Hi! I am Christina Zipperlen – a highly sensitive human who values community, creative and spiritual exploration, creating a positive impact in our lives, and the commonalities that unite us as human beings.

I’m also a psychology student, mental health and LGBTQAI+ advocate - all deep soul passions that inform my role as the founder & designer of the ethical jewelry brand Ananda Soul, jewelry that changes the world a little.

Growing up in Germany I was raised with a good dose of questioning the status quo and left home at the age of 18 to travel and explore the world. 

I have a constant yearning to explore the deeper meaning of life, which continues to inspire what I do. My focus is to share my own experience and learnings around body positivity, mental health, the healing power of art, symbolism and spirituality.

In 2008, Ananda Soul was born as the result of expressing my values in the form of wearable art. It is my mission to remind women of their innate beauty, shift negative ideas around body image and mental health, empower customer choices through creating transparency around business and production procedures and to help inspire conscious consumerism through sustainable fashion.

My journey doesn’t end there, I am also a writer and counselor, helping others to heal trauma, find their authentic self, and feel safe and whole as they walk through this life. I use a somatic approach combined with Compassionate Inquiry to form a deep understanding of how the body, mind, and soul are undeniably interwoven. Interested? You can learn more by visiting www.SensitiveMatters.com



Sensitive Matters is a podcast that features gentle conversations on sensitive, important matters such as mental health, conscious consumerism, sexuality, spirituality, ethical business, and more. 

These conversations are hosted by Christina Zipperlen, the designer and founder of Ananda Soul. 

Join her as she brings other empaths, perceptive people, creative, unique projects, and sensitive matters into the spotlights for these insightful conversations recorded from her home in Bali.

Listen to Sensitive Matters Podcast


Sensitive Matters Podcast Hosted By Christina Zipperlen


Are you curious about the good old days? Watch our video for a little flashback and blast to the past. Hope this puts a little smile on your face :)