Inscriptions & Mantras – How our friends and customers connect with our pieces

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Our jewelry comes with manifold blessings, intentions, special reminders and messages. Minted into the back of our pendant one can find lovingly chosen words that are meant to brighten up your heart and your soul, like love notes from the universe.

Our pieces are encoded with the vibrations and energies of love, light, hope and trust – frequencies that intend to touch its wearer deeper from within and invoke and re-member parts of us that have been forgotten, cloaked, shamed, covered.

We asked around our community and favourite humans about their favourite pieces, what they each mean for them and if there was a special story to them.

And we received back some really beautiful stories:

Into the light necklace

Persia Juliet’s – a dear friend, yoga teacher in Ubud, Bali and beautiful human inspiration to many – favourite pick is our Into the light necklace from our latest moon collection.


Into the Light necklace

 Here is her story:

What I love most is that my partner chose this necklace for me.  Every detail is exactly my taste and I was deeply touched to receive this gift on my birthday. My mum loves to share stories about how I was born under the Full Moon light and that when the nurse gave me to her post birth, I didn’t cry at all and rather said “Hi!”

My mother has also been my muse and she’s a full power woman.  As a little girl I tried to be the sweetheart and people pleaser in contrast to my mums encouragement of being unapologetically myself.  

The inscription reminds me of her and if how far I’ve come to fully grow into my own unique light.  

Lastly my mum took me to many exotic places when I was little. I have the fondest memory of collecting raw moonstones on a beach in Tunisia. I took them with me everywhere, I felt they had magic. So when I saw this necklace I shed a tear, because it holds much memory and beauty for me.


I will hold you through it all

Aniaya Through it All

Dear customer Aniaya shared an absolute heartwarming story with us:

During the time I chose to purchase the Mary Magdalene Ring, I was being challenged to really allow spirit to work through me, specifically The Divine Essence of Mary. I’ll preface by saying that I met a beautiful man by the name of Royce four months earlier to the event I wore this ring to. We parted ways in mutual love and understanding since at the time he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Letting him go was a spiritual assignment, nonetheless, since our departure, I surrendered in ways I never knew possible. 

Fast forward four months later at a retreat ceremony I casually volunteered myself to be the speaker for. I found out that this event was for a pararescueman who died in combat for Royce’s squadron and there was a 99% chance he would be attending this event. 

 Through It All ring, earrings and prayer necklace

In that moment of elation and gratitude, I witnessed how spirit divinely orchestrated this event to take place. I trusted and knew what I had to do in order to honor our fallen heroes and not allow my nerves to get the best of me. It took all of me to calm my nerves and be in the present moment. I intentionally prayed for Mary Magdalene to work through me, to hold me, and to allow the two page written speech be eloquently spoken. I found this ring in perfect timing, since I wanted to wear it leading up to the event and during. While wearing it, I felt grounded and empowered in knowing I was connected to a far greater purpose that I can comprehend.

I was utterly nervous right before the event, yet stabilized that I’m being held through this experience and that it’s all meant to be. During the flag folding, emotion of gratitude came pouring in. I was so intimate with the present moment that I never missed a word or pronunciated anything incorrectly. After I was done with my speech, I felt incredibly empowered as the Divine Mother. I carry the torch of enlightenment within me, in this realization, I have grown to fall in love with my own divinity and so, be the embodiment. 

Months later through brief interludes, Royce and I started talking again. Truth is, what’s meant for you will always find you. The universe will orchestrate these interventions, so we must get out of our own way. 

With that said, here is to the greatest love story. With my own divinity and with another.


One day at a time

Marina One Day At A Time

Marina is a therapist and powerful woman Christina met on a psychology training. Pulled in by her story, her charisma and the fact that she was, too, living in Bali, Christina reached out to engage her for a photoshoot. Marina encountered our One day at a time earrings and was instantly drawn to them – here's her story with it:

The beautiful One day at a time earrings caught my eye as soon as I saw them - I knew I would be the one wearing them. I love the size, shape, the color of the gold plate (my favorites have always been the mat pieces, not so much the shiny jewelry), and I absolutely love the way they are made - with these little handmade engraved shapes - absolutely perfect with all their imperfect form. This is probably the thing I love the most about them - this imperfect perfection. 

 One Day At A Time ring, earrings & necklace

The mantra "One Day At a Time” has a significant meaning for me. 

 I have been in recovery from alcohol and substances for about eight years now. When I started my recovery I was living in the States and I have joined the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to receive support. AA uses this mantra to remind us how to live our life, without fears of the future and anxieties of the worrying mind, while moving slowly through life. It offers us permission to live in the moment, in the now, as opposed to planning and worrying about the future and where and how things can go wrong.  

I have been studying Buddhism for a while now, and what attracted me to it mostly is the concept of mindfulness. Through the use of mindfulness, Buddhism teaches us about living in the now, in this moment. Mantra “one day at a time” is reminding me daily to slow down, to experience things, people and life as they are in that given moment, and to allow for the divine plan to unveil in front of me without me forcing and pushing anything. It also speaks to me of letting things be and acceptance. 


What pieces resonate most with you? And is there a story to it? We would love to hear more about it.

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