Healing Stones and Jewelry: How to Pick Gemstones & Crystal Jewelry that Balance Your Life

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Our journey into a deeper, more intuitive relationship with ourselves is a conscious choice we must make everyday. Yet despite our intentions to live in better alignment with the universe, we often face circumstances outside our control that upset balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Choosing healing stone jewelry is one way we can find our balance again.

What are Healing Stones?

Gemstones have long been valued for their healing properties. They can balance chakras and positively influence our physical bodies, as well as our minds and spirits. They can soothe our nerves and help to balance our emotions. They can help us rediscover our inner strength and lean into our intuition in times of change or adversity.

The world of healing gemstones and crystals contains a wide variety of options with a multitude of benefits. Not only do individual stones have incredible healing properties, but using them together can amplify their power on the path to balance and healing. 

How to Pick Healing Gemstones For Balance in Your Life

There is no right or wrong way to pick healing stone jewelry for your life. A few options include:

You can select a stone based on your moon sign. Choosing stones that align with the phase of the moon that you were born under can help you tune into  the energies active in your life right now. If you don’t already know your personal moon phase, we invite you to discover this powerful information through our Moon Phase Calculator.

You can select a stone by Relying on your intuition. Knowledge is power, and knowing the healing properties of the different gemstones can obviously be useful in making a selection to heal your physical body and emotional wounds. But what is knowledge of the world without knowledge of ourselves? If you feel overwhelmed or unsure which is the “right” choice, close your eyes and listen to your intuition. What are you instinctively drawn to? Your body may be conscious of that which your mind is not. What you might consider a choice based on aesthetics could be the result of your subconscious drawing you to a stone whose energies you need in your life.

You can Handpick stones for their healing qualities. If you are deeply tuned into  your personal needs, the quickest route to balance your life with healing stone jewelry is to select a stone whose healing properties align with your needs. 

Popular Healing Crystals & Gemstones

While the world of healing gemstone jewelry is extensive, a few popular options include:

Amethyst - This purple stone’s soothing properties make it a powerful aid against stress in our lives. The clarifying properties of an amethyst can aid in concentration and stimulate motivation for those days when focus is hard to find.

Aquamarine - Another soothing stone, aquamarine can help to balance emotions and assist in putting aside the judgment of others on our personal journey, supporting a deeper self-understanding and stronger sense of inner peace. 

Citrine - The unique power of this yellow-gold stone to dispel negative energy and strengthen intellect can help you find your center and tap into your truth in the midst of circumstances requiring major decision making.

Crystal quartz - Long considered the master healer of the gemstone world, this stone can protect against negative energy, cleanse other crystals and amplify their energy. Its psychic enhancing abilities can aid in unblocking mental energies and aiding concentration. 

Labradorite - When you’ve lost your way, rediscover the magic within you again with this beautiful blue green stone. If you seek a transformation in your life, this powerful crystal can guide you toward your inner strength to support  change in your life.


Moonstone - This beautiful, feminie stone can guide us through meditation and self-reflection on the path to better understanding ourselves. It can also navigate us toward new beginning by aiding us in internal discovery, healing and empowerment.

Rose quartz - The pink “love” or “heart” stone has the power to open our hearts. For those days when your emotional wounds threaten to conquer all, this pink stone can help you find balance and open your heart stimulating feelings of forgiveness for ourselves and for  others.

White Topaz - This healing stone carries the energy of truth in support of mental clarity and inner creativity., and provides extra energy to those feeling low, 
These stones represent only a selection of available healing stones. For a more in-depth look at all available stones and the full-range of their properties, we invite you to explore our Healing Gemstones page.

Ananda Soul Has the Perfect Healing Gemstone & Crystal Jewelry for Your Needs

Whether you are looking to balance the effects of stress in your life, improve mental clarity, or find guidance on the path to a deeper understanding of yourself, Ananda Soul has the healing stone jewelry piece for your needs. We invite you to explore our collections and let your intuition guide you toward the perfect piece for your healing journey today.


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