Moonstone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Benefits

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Moonstone 1 - meditating woman

I will start this piece the same way I start my day: with affirmations. These ten declarations carry the essence of moonstone, guiding me toward wisdom and truth.

I am moving onward and upward with every step.

I am connected in mind, body, and soul.

I am in touch with my feminine side.

I am on the path to my true destiny.

I am in tune with my emotions.

I embrace transformation.

I am wise, wild, and free.

I trust my intuition.

I am inspired.

I love deeply.

Inner growth is at the core of moonstone’s meaning and intention. Those who carry it move forward calmly and harmoniously in their journey, accepting gratifying successes and valuable lessons along the way. Moonstone incites a deeper understanding of who we are and where we are meant to go.

Moonstone Culture

The admiration of moonstones began centuries ago, dating back to ancient cultures around the world. It was believed back then that the ethereal gem was formed by hardened drips of moonbeams, to which the stone owes its name.

Romans ascribed moonstone to Diana, goddess of the moon. It was believed that she could be seen within the mysterious stone’s center, awarding good fortune and clarity to those who carried her.

In India, the sacred gem was attributed to moon god Chandra Shekara. He was said to have had a moonstone embedded into his forehead since the beginning of time, its brightness and power fluctuating with the waning and waxing of the moon.

Many cultures had their own alluring legends of how moonstone formed; nonetheless, moonstone’s meaning has always held consistent with hallmarks of revival, good fortune, success, inner growth, and understanding oneself.

Moonstone Origins

Moonstone harvests the relaxing and feminine energy of the moon, but it is created with a helpful hand from Mother Earth.

The adularescent gem is a feldspar mineral containing a mixture of sodium, potassium, and calcium and/or lithium. Feldspar minerals take credit for more than just exquisite moonstones, making up a majority of rock formations.

Moonstone is abundant around the world. It is found in Armenia, Australia, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Switzerland, and the United States. For the finest gems, however, Sri Lanka is an unparalleled source. If you’re holding a moonstone from Sri Lanka, like our Wise, Wild, and Free affirmation ring, you’re looking at a milky yet transparent piece with gorgeous color shimmering through.

Moonstone Meaning: A Deeper Look Inside the Stone

Moonstone 2 - actual moonstone

As we move through the phases of life, we sometimes find ourselves face-to-face with new beginnings that are often accompanied by a feeling of restoration. These awakenings come in many different forms – success in love, achievements in business, or new self-reflection. Moonstone navigates us to the new beginnings we’re intended to have through internal rediscovery, healing, and empowerment.

Moonstone does not desire to change your external surroundings itself. Instead, it encourages you to look inward fully and clearly. Mental clarity and strengthened intuition will guide you in your decisions and actions, helping you accept success and good fortune into your life.

Moonstone has been viewed as the stone of new beginnings and inward vision for centuries due to its distinct restorative properties. Over time, the healing properties of moonstone became just as evident.

Moonstone Healing Properties and Benefits

Within its unearthly sheen, the healing properties of moonstone are endless. It carries physical, mental, and emotional mending qualities.

Moonstone benefits for the physical body include:

  • Balance of the digestive system
  • Help with nutrient absorption
  • Normalization of sleep cycle
  • Stimulation of pineal gland
  • Hormone regulation
  • Toxin elimination

Healing the emotional self is as essential as healing the physical self. A benefit of moonstone is its possession of the soft and relaxing energies associated with yin, which helps to balance the powerful and energetic essence of yang. This calming nature dispels stress and anxiety to restore emotional stability. It presents access to your subconscious mind to deepen the connection with your inner person.

Moonstone pendant in our Wise, Wild and Free necklace
Moonstone pendant in our Wise, Wild and Free necklace

As a clear medium for reflection and restoration, moonstone and meditation complement each other. The stone increases vibrational frequencies in the body and encourages the Crown Chakra to open for healing energies to flow inward. Wear our Wise, Wild, and Free necklace in practice to channel the intention of moonstone.

Types of Moonstones

Like its abundance of effects on the mind, body, and soul, the physical properties of moonstone also come in a wide array. Each variation of the stone has its own unique look and benefits.

White Moonstone:

White moonstone is a popular gem, with a look most resembling the moon itself. This stone displays a stunning inner glow courtesy of its adularescence and labradorescence. White moonstone can heighten your feelings without putting your emotional balance into jeopardy.

Peach/Yellow Moonstone:

Peach/Yellow moonstone resembles the moon’s yellow hue when it hangs lowly in the sky. This stone brings out the best in people with soothing properties that rid worry and anxiety.

Rainbow moonstone:

Rainbow moonstone is the moonstone that isn’t. This gem is instead a form of labradorite that acts as a catalyst for hope, optimism, and rejuvenation. Exquisite iridescent flashes can be seen through the milky exterior.

Moonstone 4 -woman with moonstone necklace and meditating

Our My Love Is Powerful mala combines the magic of white topaz and labradorite to improve mental clarity and restore joyfulness and calmness. Wear the pendant while manifesting and intention setting to capture its power of possibility.

Blue (Cat’s Eye) Moonstone:

Blue moonstone, also called Cat’s Eye moonstone, boosts the ability to identify emotional patterns within its shimmering blue appearance. It brings gentle and soft energy that encourages a feeling of wholeness and healing — another promising option for meditation and balancing yin and yang.

Gray moonstone:

Gray moonstone is the most mystical of them all, used to view beyond the veil. This stone is popular with shamans and holds the mysterious powers of the new moon.

Goddess Energy

I will end this piece the same way I end my nights: with a question to reflect on.

When you hear the word “goddess,” what comes to mind?

I think of the powerful, sensible women I admire; women I know in my personal life and women I commend from afar. I think of being in touch with my soft and nurturing side. I think of the feminine moon, reminding me that all life, even that of the strongest beings, flows in cycles. And I think of this collection, allowing me to carry the meaning of moonstone wherever I go.

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