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Together, let’s reminisce on our first time to see the ocean in all its grandeur. 

How did you feel?

Imagine the waves; the soft, rhythmic sound. The gentle breeze in your hair, the birds overhead, the warmth of the sun on your upturned face. The fresh salt of the clean air flavors everything it touches. Consider the variations in the color of water as the depths changed and grew. How did you feel as you stood on its infinite shore, attempting to soak it all in?

Aquamarine, one of the most popular gemstones, is aptly known for its mystical and mysterious properties. Called “the gem of the sea”, its name in Latin means water of the sea. While its glittering beauty and lively sparkle draw people in (much like the ocean), aquamarine’s true power lies in its history and powerfully protective capabilities. 

History of Aquamarine

Aquamarine’s meaning and uses have changed over the centuries, but its glorious blue color still shines brightly into the future. Aquamarine has a rich history, beginning with its name - the mermaid stone. Its unique blue-green color reminds its wearer of the ocean and the legends of mermaids. Appearing to be a piece of the ocean turned to stone, the sparkle draws people in, evoking a sense of calm and oneness with the majesty of the sea.

In this way, it would make sense that the aquamarine stone first became popular from sea merchants who would carry a piece in their pocket to protect them from drowning during their travels. Greeks considered that the stone gave them safe passage when the seas became rough, and the Egyptians would give a piece of aquamarine to symbolize happiness. Other legends and myths believe the gemstone to be an antidote to poison, a mermaid’s spell, and a charm to bring water to drought-stricken lands.

One of the most famous legends around this ocean gemstone comes from the sirens of ancient Greek mythology, which they believed the aquamarine stone washed ashore from. Just as the sirens would sing to tempt men into the water, so does the stone, even today - it draws people in.

In today’s world, aquamarine is considered one of the most popular gemstones. It’s March’s birthstone and is known for giving off strong restorative sensations that bring relief to the body, mind, and soul.

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

healing properties of aquamarine

The magical history of this stone of the sea has been thought to bring relaxation and to soothe and protect those who wear it. Its connection to water, which is the source of all life on the planet, also gives it the properties of courage, faithfulness, and friendship.

Aquamarine has long been said to protect its wearers from gossip, increase the wearer’s wisdom and happiness, wash away any toxicity, and give its wearer healing vibes that help keep their aura feeling as clean and clear as its pristine color.

Physical Healing Properties

While great at general healing injuries to the body, Aquamarine's true power shines through at the throat chakra. With the power of the ocean, it mayhelp to soothe sore throats, remove swelling from glands, and aid in thyroid problems. The stone is also known to help boost the immune system, by  allergies and regulating hormones. Aquamarine’s innate power helps guide you through the eye of the storm by rejuvenating its wearer to life and helping tosee a brighter future by supporting strong eyesight. Wearing spiritual jewelry around the head or neck keeps aquamarine in the perfect position for you to utilize these healing properties.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Besides the physical, aquamarine also has unique spiritual and mental healing properties. Its blue-green color gives its wearer calmness and relief upon seeing it; its deep shimmer guides the wearer to look into themselves and discover their own truth, and its steadiness will help to balance out emotions. Aquamarine can also help you put your emotions aside and be more tolerant of yourself and others. In this way, it can help keep a judgmental nature in check and provide its wearer with increased empathy for the souls surrounding them.

Where is Aquamarine Found?

aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine is found worldwide, but popular sources are from Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Mozambique. While aquamarine’s color range is a light greenish blue to blue-green, larger stones usually have a more intense, deeper color. Aquamarine containing a dark, rich blue color is the most sought after and valuable.

Aquamarine Properties 

Aquamarine is famous for its clarity and transparency, but the real belle of the ball is the two distinct types of iron leading to these qualities. Ferrous iron gives aquamarines their trademark blue color, and ferric iron provides a slight hint of green.. Some collectors, however, may prefer aquamarines with their natural greenish-blue color. 

When collecting aquamarine, the darker the tone, the more valuable and desirable it is. In daylight, aquamarine appears like clear, calm water. However, its true colors and shine are revealed under light. Experienced jewelers can bring out the natural beauty of the stone and make it into an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime gemstone.

Aquamarine Care 

To keep your aquamarine as beautiful as the day you bought it, it should be stored away from gems that rank higher on the Mohs hardness scale. Some of these gems include topaz, sapphire, ruby, and diamond. It should also be stored away from softer gems, as aquamarine could scratch them. Exposure to hot temperatures can also permanently alter its color and appearance. After wearing and enjoying your beautiful aquamarine jewelry, it should be stored away until its next use. To keep and enjoy your aquamarine jewelry for years, avoid wearing it when gardening or doing household chores.

The stone should be cleaned using mild, warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Cleaning under the stone will help remove build up, and keep its shine bright.

Aquamarine is beautiful inside and out, and this gemstone will take care of you as long as you take care of it. The healing and therapeutic properties of aquamarine are unmatched, and wearing this gem may bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The Power of Intuition Necklace, for instance, allows the wearer to build a link between their intuition and conscious mind. This is a gentle reminder of aquamarine's power, might, and uses - a gem whose clarity and calmness will help you weather the storms of life. 

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