Of shadows and light meditation

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Thank you for your interest in our new collection — a play of shadows and light. I put this together as a gift for those of you who resonate with these feelings and wish to explore it within yourself.


A single light can both defy and define darkness. To let our individual light shine upon this world takes courage, self-compassion, and yes...trust.

You are invited to come to meet yourself in all facets of who you are. The dark, the light, the shadows, the limiting beliefs, the deeper hopes and dreams that allow you to touch into your light. Join me on a meditative journey into the darker and brighter realms of your being.

Grab a cushion or blanket, find yourself in your most comfortable seat or lie down and allow yourself to be carried into a safe space from which you get to see all shades of you.

Of Shadows & Light journaling prompts

Complete your meditation with this offering of journaling prompts that allow you befriend your shadow parts and to find peace and wholeness in the exploration of your inner landscape of darkness and light.

There is an invisible force that guides us. Trust that. As I lean into my light, I am filled with strength, love and healing.

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