Wise, Wild & Free: Moonstone Jewelry for Women

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Wise, Wild & Free

How do we use our potential? We’re all bursting with it, sometimes without even realizing. To reach our full potential, though, we must remember that it’s there – right there, waiting for us to harness it.

The collection to remind us of our potential is now within reach. 

We can all be wise, wild, and free. As a matter of fact, we are all inherently these things.

So, how do you reach the potential to be something you fundamentally are? 

The answer is simple. You just have to remember.

Wear our moonstone jewelry while commemorating the affirmation “wise, wild, and free” to recognize that you can be all of these things…

because you are already every bit of them.

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Moonstone Jewelry

Once you’ve witnessed moonstone’s transparent body come to life with gleams of iridescent color, there’s no denying its allure; but the truth is that moonstone’s appeal is not limited to just appearance. The unique and beautiful history, meaning, and healing properties of moonstone have marked it as a stone that will be cherished forever.

Moonstone has been admired for centuries, tracing back to ancient civilizations benefiting from the extraordinary gem. It is known as the stone of new beginnings as it helps us to realize our true potential and understand our true feelings. It can aid in stabilizing emotions, connecting with our inner self, and opening a journey toward inner growth. 

The mystical gem is notorious for its healing properties, defending from a number of ailments that influence the mind, body, and spirit. Moonstone is known for assisting the digestive system, nutrient absorption, hormone regulation, toxin elimination, and several additional benefits that support physical healing. Along with its physical alleviations, moonstone holds the ability to give peace to the mind in a healing manner. 

Thus, Wise, Wild & Free Was Born

Wise, Wild & Free is a collection created to combine the essence of moonstone with the recollection of who we truly are. This message was inspired by the teachings of a dear friend who has continued to embolden women, including myself, with her insight.

To be wise is to reflect, contemplate, and trust your intuition.

To be wild is to rid ourselves of any self-consciousness or fear of perception by others that can stifle us while following our hearts.

To be free is to embrace the life that we desire and unapologetically favor what we want.

Every one of the moonstones used in our collection is sourced in Sri Lanka, known as the origin for the best moonstone jewelry. Our stones are then ethically cut in Jaipur, India, before turning into the captivating adornments below.

Complementary Pairings: Moonstone Ring and Necklace

moonstone ring and necklace

Our Wise, Wild and Free collection features two complementary pieces. Wear them together or separately to receive the transcendent influence of moonstone jewelry. 

Wise, Wild & Free: Moonstone Necklace

This piece features a rainbow moonstone pendant. It is outlined in gold plated, recycled sterling silver, with a beautiful chain to match. When on, it hangs near the heart as a reminder of what we truly are: wise, wild and free. 

This creation encourages us to look inward. It is a source of truth that guides us toward growth and success. Allow this gem to aid you in trusting your intuition to direct you toward good fortune.

Rainbow moonstone is specifically known for its calming and positive energy, along with its ability to give the gift of mental clarity. 

Wise, Wild & Free: Moonstone Ring

moonstone ring

Pair your necklace with her sister, our moonstone ring, to deepen the potential moonstone jewelry can have on your life. Like our necklace, it is meant to connect the affirmation of being wise, wild and free with the power of this exceptional gem.

The ring stars a sparkling moonstone and is accompanied by a band of gold vermeil with intricate details expanding down its sides. Wrapping around the outside of the band is a fittingly permanent engraving of your valued reminder: “wise, wild & free.”

Jewelry in Practice

We have another complementary pair in this collection, but it’s not between two pieces of jewelry. Instead, it’s a relationship between the Wise, Wild and Free pieces and a specific act: meditation.

Meditation and moonstone go hand-in-hand. Meditating with this gem encourages restorative energies to flow inward, reaching the deepest points of the body and soul. For those attracted to moonstone for its healing properties, pursuing meditation is favorable. 

It is recommended to think or speak aloud affirmations that hold intention, such as “I am wise, wild and free.” When practicing with our jewelry, you can choose to wear it on your body or to hold it in your hands.

More of Our Best-Selling Moonstone Jewelry

moonstone jewelry

The Wise, Wild & Free collection is not where our eagerness to create the moonstone jewelry ended. 

The My Love Is Powerful mala is meant to remind yourself just how deep and capable your love is. It combines rainbow moonstone and white topaz to create a powerful companionship that carries truth, mental clarity, and limitless growth. The alliance of these two stones forges a piece ideal for intention setting and manifesting.

For an understated way to wear this gem, check out our moondust stud earrings. They claim the stabilizing, rejuvenating, and peaceful energy of moonstone in a small package that can perfect a look and calm a mind.

Check out our moonstone jewelry to find the piece that is perfect for you. 

We Are Wise, Wild & Free

This is a collection for those who desire a deeper connection with themselves. 

It’s a collection for those seeking a reminder of the potential that lies within their innate beings.

It’s a collection for those who are ready to take a journey of inner growth that will guide them toward wisdom and truth, and it’s a collection for those who are inclined to strengthen their intuition.

Unquestionably, it’s a collection for those eager to understand the blessings that come from wearing moonstone jewelry and being authentically wise, wild, and free.

This is a collection for everyone.

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