Own Who You Are – Journaling prompts for 2022

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Journaling is something I could write about forever...

Not only because it is a big part of my daily journey, but also because it makes me incredibly happy to share this practice with other people.
A few months back, in 2021, with the launch of our journal gift, we shared a beautiful introduction to the art of journaling with you.
This year we are taking it one step further and are bringing in a beautiful little gift to add on to your journaling practice. 
A printable journaling sheet with new prompts and inspiration for the new year. Click below to download your version of it and add it to your journal.

Own who you are journal

Last year we launched our own Own Who You Are Journal that comes as a gift with every jewelry purchase above US$250. We created this journal for everyone to have your own little place to retreat to and leave behind the chaos of the outside world – something that is more than essential in today's world. A sanctuary to write, express and watch yourself unfold.

For 2022 we are adding on

Because we love our journal so much and don't want to let go of it anytime soon, we created a few little pages with prompts, inspiration, ideas for this brand new year for you to add on to your already existing journal (whether that is one of ours or a different one doesn't matter - although we truly hope it is one of ours :) )

What I love most about journaling is to witness and see what comes through from an emptied out mind first thing when I wake up in the morning or after I meditated. Because when we rise in the morning, we are an open receptor to the magic of the universe. Whatever comes through may be nothing less than pure magic as we haven't been burdened with the challenges and energies of the day ahead of us. 
Journaling can help us reduce mental stress, become an expert on ourselves, work through difficult emotions, solve problems, realize forgiveness and stay accountable for the things we want to do in your life.

It is a wonderful time to set intentions, become aware what your heart's greatest desire are and put them to paper.

Simply follow the link to download the file here, print the pages and add them to your journal. 

Journaling prompts for 2022

For those of you who want to cut straight to the chase and start writing, here are a few journal prompts to inspire you:

  • A new experience I want to have is…
  • What repeated, disciplined acts have been keeping you sane?
  • Recall a recent moment when your heart jumped from joy and write about it.
  • What story are you telling yourself right now?
  • If I would give 2022 a word/meaning I want to call in, what would it be?
  • How can I make my life easier?
  • What do I stand for without compromise?
  • What are five favorite pleasures that I consider to be self-care?
  • What came into being this time last year that was only a glimmer of an idea or thought?
  • A memory that makes me chuckle/grin/giggle.
  • Reflect on four or five words you’ve been using to define yourself recently.

We hope this speaks to your heart! Most importantly, have fun with it!

“The ability to ask beautiful questions, often in very unbeautiful moments, is one of the great disciplines of a human life. And a beautiful question starts to shape your identity as much by asking it as it does by having it answered. And you don’t have to do anything about it. You just have to keep asking. And before you know it, you will find yourself actually shaping a different life, meeting different people, finding conversations that are leading you in those directions that you wouldn’t even have seen before.”
​— David Whyte, On Being interview, “The Conversational Nature of Reality”
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