Give Away – share your greatest gestures of love and kindness this Valentine's Day

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This Valentine’s Day everybody is a winner.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, like every year, the theme of ‘love’ steps right back into the limelight. A lot of brands, individuals and places create a big buzz around the global phenomenon of Valentine’s Day. However, we strongly believe, love should be something that is celebrated at all times, every single day. 

I often hear how people dread this day (not only because it has been overtly commercialised) – similar to the Holiday season Valentine’s Day can remind us of our loneliness, our single lives, our traumas, our pains. It might feel triggering to the ones who aren’t in a relationship, it might feel triggering to the ones that are, as this day could come with expectations.


To remind each other that loves comes in many ways, in many shapes and many different constellations and on many different days (and that Valentine’s Day is actually not so bad after all), we are initiating a beautiful Give away that encourages you, our community, to share your stories and little acts of love and kindness for us and everybody else to witness and read. Amongst our winners we are giving away three gift vouchers for our Ananda Soul Online shop worth with a value of US$250, US$100 and US$50. 

Let’s multiply the love and support we receive in this world by speaking up about it, by sharing it.


Ananda Soul Share Love Story Giveaway

Which forms and true acts of kindness and love did you receive, on any day or at some point in your life that made you feel special, loved, held and supported? Or did you maybe witness any acts of kindness that you would love to share?

How to participate in our give away:

  • Head to our Instagram channel @anandasoulcreations
  • Follow our account
  • Show your love and share your heart felt story, your experience in a comment underneath the Give Away post. We want to read your story, so please don't hold back!
  • Tag 3 friends in your comment and share this post in your stories for a higher chance of winning! – (will be a bonus ;) )
  • The winners will be chosen via lucky draw and announced on Valentine's Day on February 14th.

This give away will be running from Feb 3rd until Feb 11th, 2022 23:59 EST and is not affiliated to Instagram (Meta).

Whether someone you don’t know has spontaneously paid for your dinner without you knowing, or you received a gentle, beautiful gesture sent via mail, a public love statement or invited someone random to share your dog walk because you had a feeling this person might be lonely – we would love to hear all your stories.

Loving kindness comes a long way and makes lives easier – we want to focus on the experience and sensations rather than the felt sense of scarcity and loneliness that might occur during a day like this.

Good luck and we can’t wait to read all your stores.


Please note that we will be sharing the most beautiful stories within the community on Social Media.

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