#ownwhoyouare – Why it matters to show yourself exactly the way you are

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Did you know that we created our own IG filter last year?

If you are new to our brand – come have a look at what we’ve shared when we first launched our Instagram filter and have a little play.

We created this filter as a counter movement to all the filters and staged images that have taken the centre stage of most content shared in recent years. The stories of how things are meant to be and look like.


And to be really honest, yes, we use filters, too, sometimes. There are no doubt these dog days when it feels like our looks aren’t as smooth or radiant as we wish them to be like. Where we feel like hiding at home and never getting up again. It is worth observing ourselves at this point: how am I talking to myself right this moment in time? Can I love this (that which I disagree with or want to reject) a little more? Can I look at it with love, no matter what? Can I shower it with love, even if I am entering a different stage or age in my life – a transition that might make me not feel good right now?

Filters aren’t going to change our world, but in a way they can maybe make us feel a little bit better about ourselves – temporarily. They come with important messages and we have decided to add another layer of meaning to them:

Our Own who you are filter speaks to body positivity, diversity AND encouragement. It is a filter that shows you who you are without changing the way you look. Owning our bodies, what we stand for and who we basically are is in a world that has just received a big backlash in women’s health matters more important than ever. And not only that, but also to really speak up about it. Firmly. Grounded in your truth. And individual radiance. Here is the platform for it.

So here is our invitation: Show us who you truly are and join a movement that stands up for authenticity, owning our own bodies and our own desires.

Head to the Instagram app and to @anandasoulcreations.

Join our movement by using and sharing our filter and the hashtag #ownwhoyouare and a few words about what you personally stand for.

The more, the merrier, the more the beauty and the variety.

We can not wait to see all your beautiful faces!

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