Mary Magdalene – history and importance of a special woman

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‘I will hold you through it all’ is our new range that is dedicated to a special figure in Christian tradition – Mary of Magdala, better known as Mary Magadalene. This particular jewelry range is an honouring of Mary Magdalene, the woman that found Jesus at the crossroad of her own heart and the divine realms.

Mary Magdalene History

Mary Magdalene  – a woman highly misunderstood throughout the ages, with misconstrued reinventions from prostitute to mystic to celibate nun to feminist icon to the matriarch of divinity – was a leading figure among those attracted to Jesus of Nazareth. Where the men in his company abandoned him in his final hour, she was the one amongst the women who stayed with him ‘through it all’. She was present at the tomb, the first person to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection and the first to preach the “Good News” of that miracle.

Confusions attached to Mary Magdalene’s character were compounded across time as her image was conscripted into one power struggle after another, and twisted many times. In conflicts that defined the Christian Church—e.g. over attitudes toward the material world, over sexuality, the authority of an all-male clergy, the coming of celibacy, the sublimations of courtly love, the marketing of sainthood throughout the ages—through all of these, reinventions of Mary Magdalene played their role. 

The Mary Magdalene lineage is one about service.

Mary Magdalene is Everywoman. Many people are having Magdalene experiences now because it is a call to come back to the heart. Mary Magdalene represents the strong spiritual aspects within ourselves.

She is the passionate spark within us, so desiring of the luscious fruits of divine realisation that we will go deeper into our hearts to find our replenishment and sanctuary rather than give into despair. Creation begins with chaos - only the heart knows how to distil divine grace through every of our human experience.

The symbol of Mary Magdalene stands as an encouragement and reassurance that within us lies a power that enables us to hold ourselves and others through it all. Mary Magdalene brings us back to our personal power, our ability to recognise and accept deeper truths where we might encounter chasms with society, friends or family. She is a reminder of the power of the heart and the capacity that love holds in order to give us strength. For it is only the heart that knows how to distil divine grace through every of our human experience.

Mary magdalene Pendant Ananda Soul Jewelry

Ananda Soul 'Through It All' Prayer Necklace

Magdalene speaks to the soul that has known great loss. She speaks to the soul that recognises love and wisdom, and the need for embodiment as a way to cut through the divide and dread instilled by outdated systems and beliefs. She offers remembrance that the world will only change as we change and that we are seen and held in every act of love.

She reflects the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine on Earth, especially now, during a time where the feminine strength and intuitive power are key elements in guiding humanity through the landscapes of upheaval and the unknown. She speaks the truth of living from the heart, even if it means to defy that which is presumed conventional. She emanates love to heal ourselves, humanity, our planet and earth’s creatures. 

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We acknowledge Mary Magdalene as a key figure of Christianity. Please note that we are working with the intention and energy of this symbol rather than promoting or following a specific religious belief.

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