The holidays are coming – a gift guide

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The holiday season is approaching fast – it is at this point in time hard to believe how fast the end of the year is near. 2021 went by, disguised as the same whirlwind as 2020. Unsettling, ungrounding, vulnerable and wondrous in its very own way.

We have felt the need for deeper connection. For intentional living. For deep conversations. For commitment to truth and authenticity. For voicing all that. We wanted to let gestures and actions speak, rather than just empty words. 

For this upcoming holiday season we curated a wonderful gift guide to celebrate and support the special ones in your life. 

Gift by intention, let our symbols and gestures speak, and make a wish for one of the most important persons in your life. Start now, to make sure you get your gift in time for Christmas.

10% of all proceeds will go towards our Adopt a Family project supporting Balinese people in need.

Intention 1: Infinite love

Ananda Soul Jewelry Christmas Gift Guide

To gift love may sound profane. The kind of love we speak of is the one that travels beyond time and space. The one that holds its receiver through everything. The kind of love that is unconditional and doesn't ask questions. The one that says it all simply by being felt. 

Intention 2: Intuition & Healing

Christmas Gift Guide

Back to truth, back to source, back to love. If we live, act and speak from truth and soul intuition, we lay the ground for healing to happen. May these pieces encourage you and your loved one to listen to the whispers of your soul.

Intention 3: Blessings & Intention

Jewelry With Blessings & Intentions

Send a loved one (or yourself) off into the new year or celebrate 2021 with a special blessing. May you never take your light for granted.

Intention 4: Nourishment & Self-expression

Christmas Presents For Her

To take a seat back within yourself and allow yourself the time for tender nourishment is a non-negotiable during the weeks and days as the year comes to a close. Gift these beautiful reminders to help your loved one to slow down and take things step by step.

May you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season!

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