Working with our Bali Mom's – how and why we support them

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The future is built on our children’s generation. This is why the fate of mothers and their children matters deeply to us.

And this is why since our early days at Ananda Soul we have been committed to support in particular mothers and children in all our endeavours of being supportive to our local communities.

If you travel to Bali you’ll see there is no shortage of magic in this land. There is so much beauty, culture, and love here. But just like anywhere in this world, there is a downside to this, too.

One of the challenges here are street children who come from the poorest areas of Bali. These children are often forced to beg at busy intersections and tourist hubs. A situation we and many others don't want to simply turn a blind eye on.


For over a decade we have offered employment to the mothers of street children in Bali.

It has been important to us to support underprivileged families in most sustainable ways imaginable to help shift the lives of these children.

We have worked with Balinese mothers throughout the creation process of our jewelry. We employ the mothers of many of these street children to braid a variety of our bracelet designs with fair-paid jobs that give their children a life off the streets. 

These mothers experience a sense of empowerment through receiving their own salary, new skills and a deeper understanding on how to tackle life on your own terms.

Whether they support us through braiding our bracelets or by making our little sachets that gently hold and store our jewelry – to support mothers in general through offering them job opportunities as well as giving back to a variety of projects such as The Bali Street Mums Project stands at the heart of Ananda Soul.


Luna Crescent Bracelet

In April this year we launched a special non-profit bracelet, our Luna Crescent Bracelet. It is a non-profit piece, meaning that 100% of the profits of this beautiful piece go as donations towards The Bali Street Mums project, a project that fights for mothers and takes action against begging children as well as human trafficking.


The message of the Lunar Crescent bracelet is that no matter where we are in the world, we all look at the same Moon, and all is perfect and whole as it is.

These bracelets are the gift that keeps on giving — because not only are you supporting the employment of a Balinese mother, all of the proceeds go to funding school tuition for a Balinese child, too.

Because mothers are miracles and children the leaders, creators and decision makers of a better tomorrow.


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