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What's #changetheworldalittle?

We believe that in order to bring out the best in ourselves, to open our hearts and generously give, it helps to see the good in others. And the examples of goodness in this world are countless, but unfortunately, aren't blasted on the 8 o'clock news! That is why we created the #changetheworldalittle campaign: to share and spread the word about the inspiring beings we come across. So you may feel encouraged and uplifted to shine in your way - because the world desperately needs you to do so.
How are you making a positive impact in the world? Do you know someone who does? Contact us for the chance to be featured in the campaign.

This month's change-maker and #changetheworldalittle embassador:

Breeanne Macouzet

When we read about Breeanne and her story, we knew right away that the world needs to know about this beautiful being. Her mission is to radically shift the education system so that every child knows how important they are and that they can make a positive contribution to the world.

 She founded Mindfully Evolve to coach parents and educators on empowering our youth and on finding their deeper purpose to create meaningful lives.

We asked Breeanne some personal questions about what it is she does, dreams about, and more. 

If today was your last day on this earth…

What would you do today?

I would write letters and make videos for my family members and friends thanking them for everything they have done to make my life better. I would plant a tree and hang out with my beloved Aaron sharing the sweet memories we have shared.

What would you like for others to remember you as?

I would like for others to remember me as being grateful and enjoying this beautiful life. As being a humble student and a teacher in life that guides leaders of the youth to empower our children. As being a loving and compassionate woman.

If you could change one thing about human reality, what would it be?

It would be that each family and school has integrated a daily habit of mindfulness just as integral as practices like showering or brushing our teeth every day.


#changetheworldalittle - Mindfully Evolve


What was your biggest dream / vision for your life 10 years ago?

My vision for my life 10 years ago was to be a teacher for 1st graders so I can create a positive impact on our children.

What is your biggest dream / vision for your life today?

My dream is to bring Mindfulness to families and schools all over the world so I can positively transform the minds of thousands of parents and teachers. My dream is to empower children so that they can live life optimally.

What is something you have created / worked on that you are proud of?

I am proud of the real and impactful results parents and teachers are having on our youth because of our training. What sets us apart from other mindfulness organizations is that we are living the work in our personal lives and sharing the practical tools with others on how to integrate mindfulness into their everyday life.

Creating a mindfulness curriculum in the San Diego Unified School District for the ADHD, PTSD, and behavioral disorders and seeing the transformation within days was a beautiful accomplishment.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Grateful, loving, and compassionate.

How would you describe the work you currently do?

Mindfully Evolve is an innovative approach to mindfulness-based on practical tools for thriving in today’s world. On a deeper level, the practices endorsed and trained by Mindfully Evolve work to heal the mind. Our programs our designed for the specific needs of the children, teachers and parents.

We provide an online Live Mindfully course as an in-depth introduction to mindfulness. We also work directly with clients in a workshop setting as well as one on one by application only.

Bree - Mindfully Evolve


Why do you do the work you currently do? What is your mission, goal, vision?

My mission is for every child to feel seen in their brilliance and to share practices with them that cultivate a strong connection with their inner self so nothing can shake them in life. I want every child to know how to handle self-doubt, shame and negative thoughts in a way where they can overcome those ways of being.

When I was a child and teen, I was lost in self-doubt and shame and I didn’t have a guide to show me past those fears. The household that I grew up in was chaos, with an alcoholic parent and abusive behaviors that negatively impacted my social connections, academic scores and self-image. Being a teenager is difficult enough trying to establish your identity, and I struggled to find the self-love and positive mindset I needed as an antidote for my depression and anxiety.

When I was 20 years old, I went the unconventional route of schooling and found a holistic lifestyle approach at the International Professional School of bodywork receiving my Associates in Holistic Science. Shortly after I discovered Yoga and personal transformation that healed my negative and anxious mindset, helped me regulate my emotions and connected me with a greater power inside of myself. It is my greatest honor to pass down the wisdom of my teachers to bring more light and love on this planet.

What is something you don’t like about yourself / would like to improve about yourself?

One thing I don’t like about myself is how I constantly want to improve myself versus coming to a place of full acceptance of my imperfections. Full acceptance doesn’t mean allowing for my imperfections like judgments, and criticism to run the show it means for me to manage my judgments and criticism. I get to be with my imperfections in a way where I can see them, not take action on them and choose a more loving and compassionate way of being. Of course, when they do come out in reactions it's about forgiving myself unconditionally and committing to showing up in a loving and compassionate way.

#changetheworldalittle Bree Mindfully Evolve 

What is something you love about yourself?

I love being my own best friend and constantly committing to be a more loving, grateful and compassionate being. The better friend I am to myself the more radiant I am able to show up for those that I love. 

Anything else we should know about you?

I am grateful for this opportunity to share with others what I do and who I am!

Learn more about Breeanne and her work:

Website: mindfullyevolve.com/

Instagram: @mindfullyevolve

Facebook: @mindfulIntelligence4children


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