Behind the scenes of our recent photoshoot

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When I first started in fashion, photoshoots used to freak me out. There are so many things to figure out....

... Who will the model be? We have no interest to portray the skinny, lifeless look that makes women feel awful about themselves. Hence we're always looking for models that carry the essence of joy, self-love and compassion. 

... How do I find a good photographer? Jewelry is one of THE most difficult things to take pictures off. The pieces are tiny and sometimes carry transparent stones. So finding a photographer who has experience shooting jewelry AND gets the vibe of our brand is priceless.

... Inside or outside? Studio shoots are more sterile but predictable, outside shoots on a tropical island turn into a gamble of weather conditions.

... Find a hair and makeup person.

... Find a location that adds vibe but doesn't distract and isn't too busy.

... What should the model wear? Apart from just jewelry ;)

... And the list goes on.

So, this time, I decided to do things differently. I asked my favorite model if she'll shoot with us and teamed up with her favorite photographer & stylist. I asked my friend Lisa from Warriors of the Divine to cover the outfits. I asked my best friend to rent a villa in a beautiful resort with me and come along.

So really all we did was hang out with amazing people and take some pictures. Plus, I brought my partner to help with the behind the scenes bits...and the occasional mental support ;). I turned what stressed me out into fun and the results blew me away. As I surrendered and allowed myself to feel supported, everything just flowed effortlessly.

So here's a little behind the scenes video from our day. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Model: Julia Sullivan
Photographer: Sharon Angelia
H&M: Maya Fernandez
Clothes: Warriors of the Divine
Location: La Joya Biu Biu

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