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Ananda Soul + Investera Giveaway

From day one, Ananda Soul has been about contributing to equality by empowering underprivileged individuals and groups. On this journey, we've always been very passionate about empowering women by reminding them of their strength and abilities. That is why today, we are joining the amazing female-owned and female-run startup INVESTERA to give away two opportunities for females to fully take charge of their financial freedom and receive an education around investing and all things finance. You will also automatically enter to win $100 worth of Ananda Soul jewelry to help you fully embody and carry physical symbols of stepping into what wealth means to you. 

Want to know more? Christina, the founder of Ananda Soul will be going live on IG LIVE with Mel & Joy, the co-founders of INVESTERA on Monday, March 28th at 8pm EDT = Tuesday, March 29 at 8am Bali time. Mark your calendars and don't miss this opportunity! 


Mel And Joy From Investera


INVESTERA is an investment education community geared towards helping women become more financially empowered. Women are stepping into greater wealth than ever before, yet most do not feel financially secure. 

We believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself and your financial education. Taking ownership of your personal finances and learning to invest can often feel overwhelming, intimidating or confusing. It doesn’t have to be. INVESTERA is bringing you the tools, knowledge and support so that you can be confident in making informed decisions to build wealth and have financial peace of mind. 

INVESTERA co-founders, Joy and Mel, bring track records in impact finance and alternative investing and are united in their passion to make investing more accessible and relatable.  


We are giving away 2 INVESTERA Memberships and 2 gift vouchers of Ananda Soul Online shop with a total value of $400 each for two lucky winners! This membership is worth $150 and will provides 6 months access to INVESTERA education community with a complimentary 30 minute 1:1 session worth $150.

Being an INVESTERA Member supports you in:
   ✓ Reaching financial independence & peace of mind
   ✓ Building intergenerational wealth
   ✓ Contributing to the future you wish to see

As a member, you'll have access to...
  • A community - interact, learn and network
  • Monthly "Build Your Wealth" event featuring financial professionals and inspiring role models
  • Monthly "Crypto Lounge" event to stay up-to-date with the exciting world of digital assets
  • Dedicated Q&A forum
  • Investing tools, resources and workshops
  • Exclusive access to partner products & investment opportunities
  • 20% off 1:1 coaching sessions


*This give away will be running until April 2nd, 2022 23:59 EDT and is not affiliated to Instagram (Meta).
*With every entry, each participant will be joining the newsletter communities of both brands.
*The winners will be determined via lucky draw and notified via email and Instagram on April 6th. Good luck! 

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