3 Crystals for Manifestations Under a New Moon

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Tap into the energy of the new moon to manifest your soul's desires, and find out which crystals are the most powerful allies to support your rituals.

The presence of the moon is always there, watching over us – even when we cannot see it. When the sky above is dark, the moon is still there, resting, recharging quietly, and getting ready for the new cycles ahead where it shines brighter and brighter with each passing day.

The new moon lunar phase represents the same for us humans; time to rest, reflect on where we are, and what we desire most. This is the perfect time to set your intentions for the month ahead with the use of crystals for manifestation and the power of the new moon. 

Why is the new moon a good time for manifesting?

Ananda Soul Crystal Ritual

The new moon is a powerful time to set your intentions because it represents a clean slate, a time of rebirth and of regeneration. 

At the beginning of a lunar cycle, when the moon is new, it's in its darkest phase, and its energy is the quietest. This time is symbolic of new beginnings, and just as the moon grows in light over the coming days, so will you. 
The new moon is the perfect time to plant the seeds for your dreams and desires so they can grow and blossom.

What you focus on during this phase of the moon can profoundly impact what you invite into your life over the next 28 days. That's why it is the ideal time for manifesting and to set your intentions for the future or simply for the month ahead. 

What are some tips for setting intentions?

Setting time aside for a monthly new moon ritual will help you have more clarity around what you desire in your life.

To set intentions with the new moon, some practices that can support you are:

  • Ground yourself. Start by tuning into your breath and dropping into your body. Settle into a sacred space where you can quiet your mind and hear your heart.
  • Gain clarity. Get clear on what you want to call in. Try meditating or journaling on your goals and dreams, or reflect on the changes and abundance you want to bring into your life.
  • Visualize. Once you gain clarity, visualize yourself having achieved your goals and feel the emotions that come with them, as if they were already a reality today. 
  • Set your intentions. Write your intentions down or create a vision board, and be sure to keep it somewhere you can see every day. Come back to your intentions frequently to stay in the vibration of what you are manifesting.

Whichever practices you choose for your new moon manifestation rituals, crystals are a powerful way to amplify your own energy and intentions.

Why labradorite is good for manifesting under a new moon

Ananda Soul Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite is known as the stone of destiny. It helps to connect with your higher self and align your actions and intentions with your true, limitless goals.

It supports you in manifesting your desires by connecting with your intuition, amplifying your intention, and attracting positive energy. 

The iridescent flashes of light inside the stone represent the light within the darkness in the same way that labradorite brings the energy of new possibilities into your life. This makes labradorite an ideal stone for transformation and change, perfect to support you in your new moon manifesting rituals.

Why moonstone is good for manifesting under a new moon

As the name implies, moonstone has a very close link to the moon's power and represents feminine energy. Just as the moon fades and springs anew, moonstone is the stone of new beginnings.

Moonstone is protective and helps to stabilize emotions as well as bring calm. It aids inner growth, bringing good fortune and success in love and business, so it's the perfect stone to consider when calling in a new relationship or venture. 

Moonstone is also thought to be helpful when manifesting, as it supports and amplifies the power of your intentions. This makes it incredibly potent for your new moon rituals - strengthening your intuition and promoting inspiration and creativity.

Why smokey quartz is good for manifesting under a new moon

Sometimes known as the stone of power, smokey quartz has strong grounding properties that can neutralize and protect you from negative energies while manifesting your desires. 

The protective qualities of smokey quartz can act as a shield against emotional and external stresses, making it ideal for setting intentions around emotional growth or healing from old patterns. 

Smokey quartz is an ideal crystal for manifesting as it helps to ground your intentions and keep them rooted in the physical plane. 

Crystals for manifestation at Ananda Soul

Ananda Soul Blessed Jewelries

At Ananda Soul, we bless all our jewelry in a traditional Balinese ceremony so that it carries our highest intentions for you when you receive it. 

We create all of our crystal jewelry using 100% natural stones, perfect for channeling the moon's energy and manifesting the life you desire. Mother nature provides for our energetic well-being and physical health, and these magical fruits of her love are powerful allies.

As well as supporting your new moon manifestation rituals, you can wear your favorite pieces of jewelry at all times to carry the intentions you set with you throughout the month.

Remember that when you use crystals in your rituals or as you wear them about your day, they absorb all the negative energies they're protecting you from. Be sure to cleanse and re-charge them often to keep your crystals at their best. The full moon is a perfect time for cleansing and re-charging your crystals when the energy of the lunar cycle is at its peak. 

When you want to bring in new energy and breathe new life into your goals, use these three gemstones to support your manifestations. The more you incorporate them into your new moon rituals, the more you will feel their manifesting potential. 

We invite you to take a look at our collections to see which Ananda Soul pieces resonate with you today. If you're looking for certain healing properties or specific crystals for manifestation, you can browse our collections by gemstone to find the jewelry that best aligns with the intentions that you want to set in your life.

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