The Most Powerful Phases this Year for Full Moon Rituals

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Master the phases of the lunar cycles to draw on the moon’s energy in your full moon rituals so that you can manifest your intentions more clearly and powerfully.

We know that the moon controls the flow of the ocean tides, but it also controls the tides and cycles within us. As the sun, moon, and earth do their celestial dances around each other, the moon that we see in the sky goes through different stages in its lunar cycle.

Each moon phase brings a different energy. If we pay attention to and follow these phases, we can harness this energy to support ourselves and enhance our lives with the energy of our gemstones and spiritual jewelry.

What Are The Moon Phases

moon phases

The moon takes 29.5 days to cycle through four main phases every lunar month.  

  • New moon. The new moon is not visible when it's between the earth and the sun, with its dark side facing us. In this position, we are not able to see any sunlight reflecting off the moon's surface, so the night sky is dark. The new moon is a  new beginning, so it's the perfect time to set intentions and get clear on what you wish to call into your life. Reach for a gemstone or piece of jewelry that calls to you in this moment and manifest a cleansing time for your life.

  • Waxing moon. During the waxing phase, the moon slowly grows in size before our eyes, as does the lunar energy. This growth phase when energy is building is an excellent time to put your plans into action and take steps towards achieving your goals.

  • Full moon. The full moon is the climax of the lunar cycle when the sun completely lights up the side of the moon that faces the Earth. The round moon brightly lights up the night sky, reaching the highest peak of energy levels. This is a perfect time for tapping into the highest power of the moon, celebrating celebrate your accomplishments, and cleanse what needs to be released.

  • Waning moon. As the full moon dissipates and starts to shrink, our energy starts to wane too. This is a time for winding down after all the activity of the past weeks and for letting go of what no longer serves you.

The moon watches over us every night, and depending on what we wish to call in, we can choose a different time of the lunar cycle for our rituals.

What Happens on a Full Moon

Since ancient times, many cultures have thought of the full moon as a time of great power. After building up for the past two weeks, all the month's energy comes to a peak and then slowly starts to release.  

In the same way, it can be a time to celebrate growth and abundance, connecting us to our highest goals, and then releasing what no longer serves us. 

The power of the full moon makes it an auspicious time for rituals. Whereas the new moon is the perfect time for setting new intentions and beginning new projects, the full moon is a time for bringing those intentions to fruition and taking stock of your achievements. You can cleanse yourself and let go of what no longer serves you

Full Moon Rituals & Meaning

full moon rituals and meaning

There are three main types of rituals that you can perform during the full moon.

  • Cleansing rituals to clear negative energy and unwanted influences.
  • Charging rituals to increase the power of your goals and intentions.
  • Manifesting rituals to call in what you desire and bring it into your reality.

Whichever ritual you choose, the full moon is a perfect time to bask in the glowing light and surrender to the power of nature. You can even use mantras such as "I am in harmony with the cycles of nature," or "All my needs are being taken care of by mother earth."

Full moon rituals are also a perfect time to turn to our favorite crystals, or malas, or spiritual jewelry to support us or show them a little love by showering them with lunar energy. 

Malas and Gemstones for the Full Moon

Malas and Gemstones for the Full Moon

As malas and gemstones are created from the natural elements of earth, they are charged with lunar energy during a full moon. You can leave out them out spiritual jewelry containing gemstones in the moonlight to soak up the moon's energy and increase their healing strength. 

Every gemstone carries different healing properties that can help you manifest your intentions and connect with the earth's natural rhythms during these powerful moon phases. For example, moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, whereas smokey quartz is grounding and will protect you from negative energy.

Whichever stone you choose for your malas or other pieces of jewelry, be sure to cleanse and charge them regularly to keep their energy clear. Let the moonlight cleanse them of any negative energy that may have accumulated and charge them with positive energy to maximize their potency. 

Full Moons in 2022

This year will bring us twelve full moons. The date and time of its peak will be a little different depending on where you are, so make sure that you check a local calendar to know what the moon phases are where you live.

These are the dates when the full moons will be visible in the EST timezone. 

  • January 17th
  • February 16th
  • March 18th
  • April 16th
  • May 16th 
  • June 14th 
  • July 13th 
  • August 11th
  • September 10th
  • October 9th
  • November 8th 
  • December 7th

Not all full moons are created equal, though. As the planets orbit and dance with each other, the play between the sun, moon, and earth makes some full moons a little bit special. 

Supermoons. The supermoon shows up when the moon reaches the closest point to the earth, and we see it much bigger in the sky. When the moon is closest to us, we feel her energy more intensely, and the ocean tides rise to their highest points. 

This year will bring us supermoons in June and July, and this intense energy makes it the best time of the year for full moon rituals. Make sure that you plan ahead, set your intentions, and grab your favorite malas or spiritual jewelry containing gemstones and to harness their manifesting power. 

Eclipses. 2022 will also bring us two lunar eclipses in May and November when the earth casts a shadow that temporarily covers the full moon until we can no longer see it. These lunar eclipses are often called a blood moon because the light that reflects from the sun gives the moon a reddish glow. 

Eclipses tend to be a time of transformation and realignment, and they are magnificent to watch. But the eclipse season can also bring chaotic and intense energy because of the many changes taking place in a short amount of time. 

Eclipses are not an ideal time to practice full moon rituals or charge your crystals to avoid taking on this destabilizing energy. Instead, grab a journal and your favorite cup of tea, feel the energetic shifts taking place, and sit back to watch the beauty of the universe unfolding. 

We hope to have inspired you to design full moon rituals that support the life that you envision for yourself. If you want to start preparing for the next lunar cycle, take a look at our collection of malas and spiritual jewelry to help you set your intentions and see what stone best resonates with what you want to manifest. And remember to look after your gemstones as part of your rituals by giving them some lunar love every full moon. 


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