Episode 16 | Practice who you are with Elena Brower

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This month’s episode comes with a special guest I have been very excited about inviting to our Sensitive Matters podcast: Elena Brower.

I’ve admired her work for many years. As a mother, world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher (since 1999!), artist, author and host of her very own podcast ‘Practice You’ I find her entire being, her work, her story and personality intriguing and inspiring in so many ways.

Listen to this brand new episode as we cover a variety of topics about her yoga journey, compassion, in particular self-compassion as the core of her work, yoga and meditation, spirituality and her podcast.

This brand new episode guides us through the following points:

 Elena’s spiritual journey and how her personal practice and beliefs have evolved through her decades of studying and teaching yoga and meditation

 What she’s working on with her new book of poetry, journal and parenting course

 How Elena has been kind to herself during times of uncertainty and the mindset that she shares for us all to turn that kindness inwards to our own hearts

 Elena’s podcast, Practice You, and what she’s learned from over 100 conversations with spiritual leaders and change makers Dr. Gabor mate, Yung Pueblo, Latham Thomas and our mutual friend Nadine McNeil

 How yoga as an industry has developed over the past 20 years and what it looks like to make a living as a yoga teacher, developing community and diversifying your income

The breathing practice Elena does to stay grounded within her daily life

What Ananda Soul pieces Elena wears, what Ananda evokes her and how she feels when she wears our jewelry

A sneak peek reading from her latest journal that inspires the soul

We hope you enjoy this episode! Listen up and leave your feedback below! 

You can see the meditation Elena mentions here

The Ananda Soul Lakshmi Necklace Elena's mentioned within the episode is Blessing All Around Mala

Curious to learn more about Elena Brower? This is the way to her website!

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