Episode 17 | Shining her light on Mental Health with Maxene Magalona

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This month's guest is a very special and bright light in this world: Maxene Magalona, Filipino actress and Mental health advocate in the Philippines shares with me close and upfront her inspiring and very personal story as her, 'Maxene'.
She grants insights into her struggles with her own mental health, losses and wins in life, her path towards spirituality and what her soul deeply yearns for – for the world, her surroundings and herself.
This brand new episode guides us through the following points:
  • Her personal journey of growing up in the spotlight and how fame shaped her life in the Philippines
  • How Maxene used to manage stress and how in hindsight we can all recognize how our past behavior was our ability to handle trauma with the tools and resources available to us at that time
  • The importance of mental health and how it effects our physical health
  • The stigma around mental health in the Philippines and how the pandemic started to shift that
  • The importance of seeking professional support in Maxene’s own words
  • What spirituality and her connection to God and spirit means to Maxene, and how she follows her soul’s desire
  • The mantras that Maxene loves to sing and chant that bring her strength
  • How The Soul Space was created and the reason why Maxene shares her very own practices and wisdom she’s learned along the way
  • The intuitive way that Maxene selects her jewelry and what Ananda Soul pieces bring her into alignment giving her grace in her day-to-day life
  • Christina shares some spiritual practices of cleansing your jewelry and energetically recharging your Ananda Soul pieces
  • What offerings Maxene will share when she returns to the Philippines

You can also watch the video of our conversation here:

We hope you enjoy this episode! Listen up and leave your feedback below! 

Learn more about Maxene Magalona via Instagram at @maxenemagalona and her projects @bekind.ph and @thesoulspaceph

Learn more about Ananda Soul Jewelry: https://anandasoul.com/

Learn more about our host Christina Zipperlen: https://www.sensitivematters.com/about

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