Episode 15 | Women's health & the magic of our menstruation cycle with Bex Tyrer

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As we continue to speak about the Moon, I am excited to share this month's podcast episode with my dear friend and menstrual cycle activist Bex Tyrer. 

As we have just launched our Lunar collection that focuses on the power of the Moon and all its phases, it is an honor to continue the ‘Moon’versations  - so to speak - from another angle: menstrual cycle awareness and alignment with the Moon and its phases.

Bex has dedicated her life’s work to yoga and women’s health and focuses on  inclusivity, trauma work and social and environmental justice. Bex has been a full time yoga teacher at the Yoga Barn, the largest yoga studio in Asia, since 2009.

Bex Tyrer On Sensitive Matters Podcast

This brand new episode speaks about the following topics:
  • How yoga is a traditional practice for men that carries much wisdom and also doesn’t include women’s natural cycles and bodies.
  • Addiction and eating disorders in yoga and how the separation from our cycles and bodies can contribute to a break and separation within ourselves
  • How women’s periods are our 5th vital sign and the many different ways periods serve as an indicator of a women’s health
  • The function of women’s periods, or moon cycles, and what we “give birth to” every month
  • What a normal period actually is and what miraculous things our bodies do every month
  • The follicular and luteal phases and how we can make the most of them
  • What hormones our natural cycles activate and how they work with our brains, hearts and overall health
  • How stress effects our cycles and overall health and the timing of our cycles
  • What men can do to work with the moon phases and natural rhythms of the earth
  • The options women have for menstrual products and how much we actually bleed every month
  • Menopause, Perimenopause and what those phases of women’s lives actually entail, with hormonal and period cycle changes
  • How we should be celebrate Menopause and honor this sacred time in a women’s life
  • The exciting collaboration between Bex and Ananda Soul and the free offering coming your way
  • What Ananda Soul pieces Bex wears daily

The books Box mentioned within the episodes are Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (available here on her website: https://yonishakti.co/resources/yoni-shakti-book) and

Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Shane Hugo Wurlitzer (available here on their website: https://www.redschool.net/wildpower)


You can also watch the video of our conversation here:

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