Episode 14 | Over the Moon with Paula Shaw

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If you have been following the Sensitive Matters podcast, this episode's guest might not be a stranger to you. For this time I have invited my dear friend Paula Shaw back into the reins, as we are celebrating the launch of our new collection that I am so particularly proud and excited about, as the focus of this collection is the moon and all its phases.Paula is an intuitive psychic and astrologer who has offered over 15.000 sessions in 10 years, changing people’s lives through accompanying them on their journeys through healing, clarity and their highest potential. 

Paula has been a wonderful guide for me through our universe, ever since I met her in Bali 8 years ago.

Here are some of the things Paula and I cover in this episode: 

  • Paula’s journey of seeking meaning in accordance with her spirituality and nature. 
  • Christina’s experience of growing up in Bavaria in accordance with the earth’s natural rhythms and farming seasons
  • How the phase we’re born under can tell us about who we are and how to work with that energy
  • How to work with the moon, what that means and bringing our awareness into the moon phases
  • Simplifying the moon phases with simple intention setting on the new moon and releasing on the full moon
  • How the quarter moons can bring about action and reflection within our lives
  • The lessons that the new moon has for us about starting over at any time in our lives. 
  • How the moon’s monthly cycle is the exact length of women’s menstrual cycles and the cyclical nature of our bodies.
  • Learning to work with our own charts and what’s happening in the sky right now

You can also watch the video of our conversation here:

Learn more about Paula Shaw on her website

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