The Miracle bracelets are ready for you

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The Miracle bracelets are ready for you

“Leading the perfect life does not always look like the perfect life. The perfect life is moving through contrast. It is exploring, coming to greater clarity of what you want – and what you don’t want. You are ravenous in your desire for expansion.”
Thank you Abraham for these words – they have been getting me through the last through weeks of personal growing pains. Holy lord, listening to our soul’s voice can be so unpleasant at times!! And at the same time it has been so magical to observe my inner trust through these times of change – there’s a deep knowing that the Universe has got my back…and that miracles are only possible to come through in my life if I am really in tune with my intuition and my soul’s path – making unpleasant decisions at times that feel aligned.
Speaking of miracles – here’s a fun fact: I just arrived in New York to attend Gabby Bernstein’s masterclass this weekend. The last few weeks the moms have been super busy making miracles bracelets for all participants of the event and I’m so thrilled to be there for it!! I’m so in awe of this (perfect, perfect) life!
For all of you who have been asking: The miracles bracelets are now finally available on our site….the moms made a few extra and we put them for sale on the site. So hurry up to get yours today!
Check out below a little video of the making off:

And for you teachers, facilitators, entrepreneurs and event organisers out there, we’ve also recently opened up the opportunity for you to custom create your own bracelets made by the moms. So contact us if you have an event coming up and we can create your customised bracelets for it!


With overflowing love from New York,
Abundance Love

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