Be yourself…that’s all that really matters

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Be yourself…that’s all that really matters

Hi beautiful soul,
The Universe has been amplifying the volume!! It seems that wherever I turn these days, people are going through HUGE transformations and changes. Resonating with you, too?
I’m just wrapping up a super powerful time in New York city – and it certainly feels more like a lifetime since I arrived here less than a month ago.
I am flying back to Bali with a smiling heart in awe of this life, the multifaceted expression of humanity – and a deep knowing in my soul that with all this variety that exists in the world the best we can ever do is BE OURSELVES – in our magical, wonderful version.
The impressions from this month are way beyond anything that could ever fit into an email – Gabby’s Masterclass, The other festival with Naomi Campbell and lots of other incredible female entrepreneurs, a month of studying at Jivamukti NYC, amazing new friendships and connections, Pride week with the most incredible colourful marches, a weekend with Anita Moorjani, the author of Dying to Be. All I can say is WOW – humanity, you continue to amaze me!


Thank you for being you,
Abundance Love

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