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MONEY – what an overwhelming and loaded topic huh? I had a really sweet conversation with a few friends the other day around what we consider currency. (My girlfriend is obsessed with crypto currencies so it’s a big topic at home 🙂

Yes there is the money-in-the-bank factor. But we have all heard it: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” And happiness is for sure a very valuable currency to me…happiness alongside contentment, health, joy, love and similar expressions of life energy.
Reframing our beliefs around money and abundance is so very powerful – and using affirmations and meditation to do so is a wonderful (and crucial) tool when living in societies where so much attention is centered around money and the status that comes with it.
The first step in allowing abundance into our lives is the deep understanding that what we truly crave is a flow of energy. We crave the flow of joy, love, health … and none of these things can be purchased.
I’m not saying money is bad – actually rather the opposite. It is a wonderful tool to exchange energy amongst humans. That’s all it is – a helper for human collaborations and energy exchange. And if we wish for a certain energy to be in our lives we need to create a welcoming environment for it. If we want love, we create a loving space. If we want joy, we invite joyful situations. If we want health, we create a balanced lifestyle.
So it is with all energies – anytime we contract around something and grip onto it, it slips through our fingers or turns around and runs away from us. It is the same exact thing with money – if we want abundance we have to start noticing the current abundance in our lives.
Because this topic is so precious to me I’ve recorded a meditation for you to download – and guess what, it’s FREE 🙂 This meditation is designed to work with our beliefs around what money and abundance are and help us create affirmations to reframe those believes in our minds. Enjoy love, know that you are so very blessed!


With smiles from Bali,

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