Tales from within – a collection made of fairytales, hope and wonders

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Introducing our new jewelry collection, where ancient stories and fairytales come alive, weaving their magic into the fabric of our designs. Like a gentle breeze caressing the leaves of ancient trees in an eternal forest, these captivating pieces will whisper secrets of inner wisdom that stir your heart and ignite a fire deep within your soul.

This collection evokes the energies of Archangel Ariel, Greek Goddess Artemis and Saint Joan of Arc. Immerse yourself in the tales of their strength and wisdom, beautifully embodied in the form of exquisite coins, mesmerizing stones, and enchanting pendants. These age-old stories, handed down through generations, serve as a powerful reminder that their extraordinary magic resides within each of us. Let their legends inspire you to embrace your inner truth and unleash your own remarkable power.

We worked with the soothing, nurturing and empowering qualities of Aquamarine, Moonstone and Morganite. These stones are known to evoke the connection between your intuition and the understanding of what your heart has been telling you all along.

The 'Tales from within' collection is created to remind you of the wise voice inside your heart, your soul, your gut and your entire being that has been there since the beginning of time - a knowing that you can tap into at any moment. 

May this collection bring you the clarity to fully hear your inner truth and the courage to activate it in the world.

Meet our new pieces and let our new collection transport you to a realm of wonder and beauty.

Hold me with care

Archangel Ariel, the Lion of God, is known as the guardian of nature, animals, and divine magic. This non-binary being invites us to reconnect with our instinctive essence deeply intertwined with Mother Nature. Engraved with the words "Walk gently," the coin pendant serves as a gentle reminder to approach our earthly existence, ourselves, and others with mindfulness and grace.

A beautiful talisman meets a magnificent Citrine stirs the soul to action and propels us to follow our personal will and embark on our unique path with fierceness.


Gentle Devotion

Our 'Gentle Devotion' pieces are a symbol of true, courageous essence and deep interconnection with our planet and the divine source of all life. Featuring Archangel Ariel and their lion, these diamond-shaped pendants embody our origin story and the powerful life force within us. 

The back of the charm carries the words 'Walk gently', inviting us to approach the world, ourselves, and other beings with mindfulness and reverence.

Enhancing this pendant is the power of the Herkimer Quartz, known to be the most potent among all Quartz crystals. As a remarkable amplifier of spiritual energy and a conduit of universal Life Force, it heightens our connection to the divine realm. 

Gentle Devotion Earrings

Gentle Devotion Earrings

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Gentle Devotion Ring

Gentle Devotion Ring

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Gentle Devotion Necklace

Gentle Devotion Necklace

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Gentle Devotion Bracelet

Gentle Devotion Bracelet

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Wild Spirit & Force of Nature

Wild Spirit Earrings

Wild Spirit Earrings

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Wild Spirit Ring

Wild Spirit Ring

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Wild Spirit Necklace

Wild Spirit Necklace

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Wild Spirit Bracelet

Wild Spirit Bracelet

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Force of Nature Earrings

Force of Nature Earrings

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Force of Nature Necklace

Force of Nature Necklace

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Our new 'Wild Spirit' and 'Force of Nature' pieces carry the energy and wisdom of Artemis, the greek goddess of hunt, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and fertility. She is the one that lives by her own rules.

The energy of Artemis serves as a reminder to live authentically. Her message is to stop comparing, to own that ‘this is my life’ and to be at peace with our own unique journey. 

Artemis is a force of nature, fiercely independent. She is source, a daughter of the earth.

Artemis also inspires us to sit with the trees. To feel the soil underneath our feet. To dance wildly to the hum of our own heartbeat. To love loud and full. The energy of Artemis is a strong Yes to life - a passionate expression of everyone’s right to live, whether that is the animal world, the plant world, the human world, or Mother Earth herself. 

Heart Wide Open 

The brilliance and power of their Morganite crystals is what makes the 'Heart Wide Open' pieces particularly mesmerizing. This pale pink heart stone serves as a gentle reminder that life's melody is joyful and sweet and that we live in a world full of wonders. Experience the sacred gift of wonder with our 'Heart Wide Open' pieces, inspiring you to reach into the sense of awe and presence residing in the depth of your heart. 

These pieces remind us that strength lies in tenderness and courage is found in compassion, taking us into the core of our loving hearts.

As a true heart stone Morganite speaks the language of divine compassion, it offers solace to those who have endured emotional trauma, guiding them toward healing and peace. ‘You’ve come this far to choose your own light over your pain. I will support you to do so over and over again’, is the message it brings.

Heart of wonder Earrings

Heart Wide Open Earrings

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Heart of Wonder Ring

Heart Wide Open Ring

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Heart of Wonder Necklace

Heart Wide Open Necklace

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Heart of Wonder Bracelet

Heart Wide Open Bracelet

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Tales from Within

As the name giver of our new collection these Moonstone beauties invites us to embark on a journey inwards, into an expansive, dreamy realm deep within our beings, a place brimming with promises of love, soul comfort, and warmth.

There is something so magical and deeply touching about the moonstone crystal, it makes us hold our breaths in gentle wonderment. Within the depths of these mystical gems lie fables and rituals passed down through generations, reminding us that their magic resides within ourselves.

But see for yourself…

Tales From Within Earrings

'Tales from Within' Earrings

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Tales From Within Ring

'Tales from Within' Ring

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Tales From Within Necklace

'Tales from Within' Necklace

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Rebel of Hope

The cross, beyond its known religious representation, is a symbol of faith, humility, forgiveness and hope. It is a symbol of opposites as it can represent the dark and the light, life and passing, brokenness and wholeness. In light of opposites it is a symbol that strives for balance. 

Believing in hope becomes an act of rebellion, in a time when others may doubt.

Our ‘Rebel of Hope’ earrings are designed to instil trust and faith in what lies ahead of us, despite the fear of the unknown. In the end, it is love that prevails. To believe that is rebellious. Embrace the leap of faith and trust the journey, for love conquers all. 

I am a star

Our ‘I am a star’ stud earrings may leave its wearer and surroundings starstruck by their own inner light. With a captivating star-shaped design featuring a Morganite at its core, these earrings symbolize your inherent radiance and the unparalleled light you bring to the world. Let these earrings serve as a reminder of your unique sparkle and the profound impact you have on those around you.

These delicate and sweet ‘I am a Star’ stud earrings are the latest addition to our star-themed earrings collection. By combining different star designs, you can embody the energy of being a guiding light, and a shining star in your own sky.

True to Myself

Our 'True to Myself' pieces tell the story of Joan of Arc and symbolize humble power, integrity, truth, and trust in the divine.

Inspired by her unwavering faith and fearless pursuit, these earrings honor Joan of Arc’s inspiring journey. At first revered as someone hearing ‘the voice of god’, she was put in charge to lead the French army into victory against the British. However, shortly after the triumph, she was sold to the British who burned her at the stake for being a witch. Only centuries after her death was she declared a martyr and saint. 

The story of Joan of Arc has touched many throughout the centuries. A woman deeply devoted to her faith, which moved countries with her inspiring devotion and her relentless hope in divine assistance. A woman that stood her ground in light of her own death and that unapologetically spoke her truth that sprung from a source greater and more divine than her own human self. The flames she burnt in shone an even brighter light on her mission. The divinity of her visions gave hope to the greatest, impossible outcomes. She was robbed of her context and her roaring voice, but the truth that stood behind it all, made her a saint and inspiration for the empowerment of women until today.

True to Myself Earrings

True to Myself Earrings

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True to Myself Necklace

True to Myself Necklace

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True to Myself Hoop Earrings

Pure Joy Hoop Earrings

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I am at peace

A sensation of peace fills the cells of your being. It is quiet, yet extraordinary and bright there. Our 'I am at Peace' earrings capture this energy of peace and clarity to pour it into your life and keep it there. 

While seemingly ordinary, Crystal quartz are the most bountiful crystals in this world as they bring about a multitude of cleansing and healing properties. Crystal quartz, the abundant master healer, holds within its sparkling light the entire spectrum of colors, symbolizing unity, peace and oneness.

Let these earrings be a reminder of the profound harmony and serenity that resides within you, illuminating the world with your radiant energy. May peace prevail in every step you take.


What are the tales your life tells you?.

If Tales from Within Inspire you, shop our Collection here.

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