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In the realm of Greek mythology one can find manifold gods and goddesses, each embodying unique characteristics and representing different aspects of life. Among them, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and wilderness, stands out as a captivating figure. With her fierce independence, unwavering determination, and boundless love for nature, Artemis commands admiration and reverence. Artemis lives by her own rules a. Her fierce independence and dedication towards all of life – that is the earth, the plants, the animals, and humanity – inspires us to step into our own boldness and strength by tapping into our connection to source. It is from this connection that we, ourselves, become a force of nature for good.

The qualities of Artemis

Artemis is the eternal guardian of the untamed wilderness. She roams the forests and mountains with her loyal companions, the Nymphs and hunting dogs. With her unwavering dedication, Artemis safeguards the purity of the natural world, ensuring its harmony and balance are preserved. Her role as the protectress of wildlife and the environment reminds us of the importance of coexisting with nature and valuing its wonders.

As the embodiment of the hunt, Artemis inspires us to be resourceful, tenacious, and skilled in our endeavors, urging us to embrace our passions with unwavering dedication.

Artemis also embodies the essence of female strength and independence. She is often depicted as a young, fierce maiden, unbound by the constraints of societal expectations. Rejecting the traditional roles assigned to women, she chooses the path of autonomy and self-sufficiency. Artemis encourages women to embrace their unique qualities, assert their independence, and embrace their own paths, reminding us that femininity is not synonymous with vulnerability.

Despite her affinity for the wild, Artemis also possesses a nurturing side. She is the guardian of women during childbirth, ensuring their safety and granting them strength during this transformative phase of life. Artemis's protective nature reminds us of the sacredness of femininity and the power of women to create and nurture life.

Artemis is also known as a chaste goddess, embracing her virginity as a symbol of self-determination and sovereignty. By rejecting the advances of gods and mortals alike, she asserts her independence and remains true to herself. This quality teaches us the importance of setting boundaries and not compromising our values or desires to fit societal expectations. 

The new collection pieces

Inspired by her energy we dedicated pieces of our new collection to Artemis. ‘This is my life’  is the inscription that our Artemis pieces carry. They remind us that in any moment we have the power to take our lives into our own hands. A proclamation of our untamed and raw independence towards all that aims to put shackles onto the wild nature of our human existence. Her message is to stop comparing, to own that ‘this is my life’ and to be at peace with our own unique journey.

The energy of Artemis is a strong Yes to life - a passionate expression of everyone’s right to live, whether that is the animal world, the plant world, the human world, or Mother Earth herself.

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We acknowledge the goddess Artemis as a key figure of Greek mythology. Please note that we are working with the intention and energy of this symbol rather than promoting or following a specific religious belief.

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