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A few weeks ago we decided to gift you abundance: a give away in the name of the great goddess of wealth, health and abundance – Lakshmi. For this we asked you to share your stories about a special and dear friend you would love seeing to receive our ‘Blessings all around’ necklace. 

We received hundreds of beautiful stories and comments – Thank you so so much for sharing so much beauty with us, it really made our hearts beat louder reading all of your words.

We simply can’t keep them to us and decided to share these with you:

"Deni Rayneau for the unequivocal love she offers to her kids, family, and soul family. For someone who has helped me to dance with my shadows with true compassion (and done the same for countless other women) and for shining her light by constantly creating from her place of truth. She is one in a million." - @soul_sarana


"Anna Hannigan has been my best friend for over 20 years. She has the kindest heart and is a beautiful soul. She doesn’t judge people or talk poorly of others, all she does is give effortlessly to others. Anna is a great mother and wife and works incredibly hard for her family." - @lisa_the_optimist


 "Eka Yulia has worked nearly 20 years at Bumi Sehat as our Penguru “Executive Director”. Her devotion keeps Bumi Sehat going by caring for all the details, so that the midwives, doctors and nurses can look after the mothers, babies and sick people. Ibu Eka even manages the student scholarships and coordinates our disaster relief team. She is a beautiful mom for all our staff. So loving and organised and firm when we need her leadership qualities to shine like a Leo." - @Iburobin


"Taylor Allison is my everything and I am so proud to be her mom. She is strength, power and pure heart to everyone she knows. Always thinking about other people before herself and I believe is an energy healer for them. She deserves everything in this world and I will always do whatever I can to help her manifest her dreams." -@melaniealiison 


 "Annie Should win this magical piece ❤️‍🔥 My sister from another mother, she is one of my most precious friend. Our relationship has been growing over the years and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. Such a pure friendship, without any mask, without ever feeling any kind of competition or comparison, simply loving each other unconditionally, supporting each other and helping each other grow, every single day. I love you magical being, thank you for being you, exactly as you are 🥹💖✨ xx" - @mjdesprairies

Who is Lakshmi?

Lakshmi in out 'Blessing All Around' Necklace 


Blessings are all around us, every single moment – if we choose to look up and notice them.

Lakshmi is the brightness of day and the expansiveness of teeming life. By calling her energy into your life you invite every form of blessing into it, too: good fortune, fertility, health, prosperity and beauty. She gives the gifts of worldly abundance, wealth, food, spiritual luster and radiance in all its forms. She is known for her capacity to invite both worldly enjoyment and spiritual freedom into co-existence. She is the energy to be invoked for peace and prosperity, sweetness and harmony. Her energy is cooling and nourishing and infinitely sweet.

Lakshmi is also the never ending, generous giver. She is of boundless, unconditional and compassionate generosity, which can show in the most unconventional ways. 

In a world where we too often forget to lift our gaze and appreciate what we have, we decided we wanted some more of this precious energy. So for the remainder of the year we are steeping back into the frequency of knowing that we have it all, that we are ultimately blessed, even in those times were we think we aren’t and that there is power in sharing that with others .

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