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With life on a small island we see and witness the impacts of our consumerism every single day. Every time we get to meet one of the many waterways and sources here on the island of Bali we see the humongous toll our consumer behavior takes on our planet and on the communities here.

Seeing this as a daily reality inspires us constantly to do better, to overthink and question our procedures and practices when it comes to producing, recycling, wasting and consuming.


We recently published our 2022 Transparency report in which we speak about the relevance and necessity of transparency and corporate social responsibility. As we say in our report Transparency births accountability. Accountability is what drives change and compassion.

So this blogpost today is an update on our current packaging processes. Simply because we have some really good news for you.


We can proudly say that as of this month (March 2022) we have aligned our processes in a way that we work with solely recycled packaging materials such as paper and card boxes, and are 100% plastic-free –  from sourcing, production all the way to hand-over, delivery, and shipping of our precious jewelry pieces.


We would love to take you on a little journey, from the outer shell of the parcel you receive through the layers until you reach your jewelry:


The Ananda parcel with your precious goods will land in your hands as a DHL envelope, the DHL ECO Flyer that has been made from a sustainable substrate containing Calcium Carbonate which has been sourced from waste products.

The DHL envelope can be reused as a DHL packaging item. DHL claims that the envelope if left unattended in sunlight will naturally degrade to a non-toxic dust made of limestone that can be returned to nature without any impact.

DHL provides further information via QR code, situated on the envelope.


Once you remove the envelope your parcel arrived in you will find a little package that is wrapped in a padded layer made from a cardboard corrugated liner which we call honeycomb. This type of shredded paper replaces the bubble envelope that is pretty common in today’s shipping procedures. Honeycomb is made in Bali and made from recycled, biodegradable paper. And we think it is kind of pretty, too.


As a next layer you will find a beautifully handmade cotton pouch with a drawstring that carries your beautiful goods. This pouch is something special as it has been handmade by a Balinese single mom who we support monthly by buying these pouches from her.

We love this pouch and use it personally for all kinds of things. :)


Ananda Soul Sustainable Jewelry Packaging

All our boxes and jewelry cards are made from paper and cardboard and personally designed by our designer soul Christina.


Depending on the pieces you got for yourself, the packaging may vary. Our ring boxes have an inlay that hold the rings. This inlay is made from cotton.

Our necklaces and bracelets are wrapped around a pillow cushion that is made from linen and velvet. We are here still researching alternative inlays that meet our expectations in preserving Mother Earth even better.

All we do is made with Mother Earth in mind. Our intention is to remove plastic from all elements related to our production process as well as shipping procedure. We are on a good way and we feel good about it.

And we hope so do you.

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