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Here she is - our new 'My Love is Powerful' collection! She is ‘inspired by 2020’ and the needs that have been trickling through over these past few months to support one another, encourage another, remind each other of our mental power, emotional strength and love. She is a reminder that through it all, we can rise from this year connected to a love far more powerful than we could ever imagine.

Inspired by the stars, the moon and the interplay of darkness and light we have created a beautiful collection that will hug and hold you so dearly, in challenging times as much as during brighter days.

Be reminded that…

…it is okay to take one day at a time

…to go for your dreams no matter what

…your love is powerful

…that there is a gentle warrior residing inside of everyone who has the strength to carry on.

Meet our beautiful gems and the intentions behind each one of them:


My love is powerful


Remind yourself every day that your love is powerful beyond measure by wearing these special pieces. 

Our 'My love is powerful' jewels are charged up with the intention and vibration of the fierce goddess of compassion. She reminds us that it takes fierceness and deep reverence to all beings, nature, and Mother Earth to be loving and compassionate at all times.

Born from nature, we are an inherent part of nature and we will return to nature. We are held by something bigger that expresses itself through us, that promises 'My love is powerful'. Remove your individual motives, you are here to shine and serve a bigger purpose and you as you are, are exactly needed for this.

Use this as affirmations while wearing: 

I can make a difference. My love can move mountains. All it takes is one person to create powerful ripples that facilitate change. I trust that life will always choose me.

Our ‘My love is powerful’ range is available as necklace and Mala made from Labratorite and Moonstones.


Dare to shine

Dare to shine mala

Archangel Gabriel is known as the Great Messenger and Angel of revelation as mythologically he is often chosen by the Divine to communicate important messages. He is tasked with the creation of ideas, belief in oneself, and sharing inspirational messages to stimulate progress and bring new ideas into being. It is this very energy that brings in a strong belief in oneself to carry out the dreams and achievements to its final completion. To dare to shine brightly is what is required for your own truth to come to light.

This jewelry has been created to call in the trust and innocence that has been instilled within us as children. The energy will clear away confusion and achieve the wisdom you need to make decisions aligned with your inherent truth and to communicate these openly and honestly.

The pendant is engraved with the words ‘I dare to shine brightly’ to encourage you that your light is needed to bring through that what is your ultimate truth.
True expression requires courage, protection, and guidance. Archangel Gabriel is here to support you.

‘Dare to shine’ comes as a necklace and as a mala.

Shoot for the Moon

shoot for the moon

Shoot for the moon, reach for the stars, follow your dreams, your intentions, your deepest desires!

We named this beautiful Rose Quartz range 'Shoot for the moon' as it reminds us of a little rocket that full-heartedly aims for its highest goal without doubts or looking back. To reach high beyond the stars and any limitation. 

The saying 'Reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars' was a big inspiration for this piece. If we show up with a big heart, our best intentions and the belief in the pursuit of our dreams we can get somewhere great even though it may not look the way we imagined things to look like in the first place. 

This pointed Rose Quartz is here to remind you to always show up in your best ways with all that you are and have. 

The ‘Shoot for the Moon’ range is available as necklace, bracelet, ring, hoop earrings, and ear studs.


One day at a time

One day at a time

Here is your first hand reminder that it is okay to slow down and to take one day at a time – in particular when times are challenging and rough. 

‘One day at a time’ has been made for the ones that have felt the growing surges of addiction, depression and other mental health issues or for the ones that feel the need to be reminded of their own worthiness and value. 

The pendant is engraved with the words "One day at a time' to serve you as a reminder for these moments when your feathers have been ruffled on a particular day, that you are worthy and loved and that today is maybe just not be the day for big decisions or final conclusions.

May you and and others who see you walk through this world in presence and harmony and be reminded to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while. 

What little appreciations in life can I see around me today that help me ground into myself?

‘One day at a time’ is available as as a necklace, a ring and hoop earrings.


Gentle Warrior

gentle warrior

Wear these delicate smokey quartz pieces to meet the gentle warrior that resides inside of your heart cave. She is soulful, delicate and gentle, but strong, fierce, and powerful beyond measure, forging through the challenges of life in her most elegant and feminine way. She meets her battlefields with mystery, grace, and compassion.

Smokey Quartz is known as the ‘Stone of Power’ as it not only is one of the most potent stones to protect us from negative energies but also is able to transform, neutralize and ground those darker frequencies back into the earth.

Our Gentle warrior love pieces come as necklace and small hoop earrings.


Universal Balance

Universal Balance

Find balance and protect yourself from negative energies through wearing our Universal balance range. The cross – widely known as a Christian symbol – to us represents a symbol of balance, love and gratitude beyond religion and belief.

On the island of Bali, a cross is considered a symbol of protection, in particular when placed at the entrance of a compound or house, protecting all members of the family from negative energies. A cross points into the four directions of the wind and this is where the negative energy dissipates and returns to.

We have chosen this symbol to honor its manifold meanings and contexts without claiming a specific religious intention or dogma.

May you feel the protection and the celebration of universal inclusivity when wearing this piece.

Universal balance comes to you as a necklace or hoop earrings.


You are brilliant

you are brilliant

We have added on to our You are brilliant collection with 18kt gold Herkimer diamond earrings and a beautifully cut solid gold ring in 18kt.

Wear these beautiful pieces to amplify the bright energy around you, activating your angels to protect and surround you in white light. These sparkling stones are considered one of the most powerful amongst Quartz Crystals. They have a crystal memory that can be programmed with the vibration of love, healing, and inner peace to call upon at all times.


What’s your favourite piece?

See the entire collection in our online shop.

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