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We just launched a special gift for the coming holiday season: a crystal altar kit. As the world is slowing down again it is our support gift and token of encouragement for you to step into your own space whenever there is a need to go inward and to restore your mind-body-spirit.

May it become your own personal sanctuary.

An Altar for Yourself - how to use your altar gift

We are incredibly excited to be able to offer you this precious altar - a crystal bundle is designed, lovingly put together and blessed with love from Bali.

Each altar kit is made up of:

1x altar spread with mandala print made from cotton linen

1x rose quartz pointer

10x rose quartz, 8 crystal quartz and 4 citrine tumble stones

2x organic incense made in Bali

1x prayer card with a prayer "My love is powerful"

Citrine is known as the ‘stone of the mind’ – known to attract prosperity and success, to increase self-confidence and to stimulate creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. It is great one to balance out emotions and gives relief for depression, stress and anxiety.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love or the heart and encourages to unconditional love and opens its wearer to all forms of love. Rose Quartz stimulates peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, inner peace and tolerance.

Crystal Quartz is one of the most potent crystals to amplify energy and help manifest our intentions.

Each crystal altar offering has been blessed in a Balinese ceremony.

Below are inspirations for you on how to use your altar. Please note that there is more than just one way of making use of an altar. 

Optional to add to the altar kit:

  • Candles
  • Additional crystals
  • Incense holder
  • Palo Santo/Sage or local herbs to smudge
  • Flowers/flower petals
  1. Take out some time during your day where you can retreat into your own quiet space and practice.
  2. Take a seat and light a candle on your altar. When you light a candle at the beginning of your practice, you’re signifying the start of your connection to your higher source. It makes it clear to your soul that you are transitioning to a new state of mind.
  3. Find a tray / incense holder to place your lit incense in. Light your favourite incense to show your dedication to your practice.
  4. Set up the altar:
    1. Unwrap the fabric
    2. Place the crystals as you wish and as your intuition guides you. Watch our video below for further inspiration on the crystal grid.
    3. If you wish to bless your jewelry and set your own intentions with it, place it on the altar as well
    4. Light the incense, and clear the energy of the crystals and jewelry – they have been cleansed and blessed in a Balinese ceremony, but now is the time for you to add your personal prayers and intentions
  1. After all preparations are done, find your moment of stillness. Close your eyes to feel your breath, your seat, your body. Feel into your intentions, observe thoughts and emotions rising, and let them pass again. Meditate, pray, recite your mantras – whichever practice resonates. This simple practice brings dedication to something that is larger than yourself.
  2. Read the prayer card, if it resonates with you
  3. Place your hands onto your heart to set your own intentions / prayers
  4. Wear your jewelry.
  5. When you’ve finished, you can leave your altar as it is or put it all back into its bundle. If you’re able to, let your candle and incense burn out on its own.

We are curious to hear about your own rituals.

Share them below in the comments.

May you be blessed! 

Why we need a sacred space

With the current events taking place in our world having your own little place to retreat to and leave behind all the chaos of the world is something that is more than essential.

A sacred space should serve as the place where you can momentarily step out of the hustle and bustle of life, retreat from or prepare yourself for the day ahead. 

Creating a sacred space is about dedicating a specific area to the rejuvenation of your spirit. For some people, that may mean creating a sacred altar, while for others it might just be a meditation pillow in a peaceful corner of your home, or any other spot that feels quiet to you. 

Having a go-to spot helps you decompress mind, body and soul is a game changer. It may remind your being to feel calm and nourished the moment you enter that space because you subconsciously recognize it as a space of relief and restoration. Whatever relics, crystals or sacred objects you place in this space will hold that energy for you. And no, it doesn’t have to be ornate, spiritual or highly religious.

Try to keep your space simple. Your life on the outside is a reflection of your life on the inside. 


 How to find the right spot

When designing your sacred space, invite all your senses in to join the decision: What helps you feel calm, comforted, and at peace? Where does your breath feel relaxed? If you choose to create an altar, know that it doesn’t have to be only made up of crystals and a religious deity. 

  1. Designate the space: Pick somewhere specific in your home as your sacred space. Try to find somewhere that is free of distractions (like electronic devices, work or daily chores). Spend time identifying what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Set the tone: What do I want to bring into my sacred space? Bring in crystals, relics, or anything else that gets you into your center or you have a strong connection to. That can be a pretty shell that you picked up on the beach one day, a feather that reminds you to be free and soar, a trinket that was gifted to you. The sentimental significance of each of these treasures will bring memories to mind —in the early morning and late at night. An altar can be a point of reference.
  3. Find your time and length (optional): Whether it’s 3 minutes, 8 minutes or 15 minutes, your practice should fill that entire time and be consistent. It’s the daily commitment that brings the energetic shift in that space. That means committing to the same amount of time, every day.
  4. Plug in: At the beginning of your practice, make sure that you’re plugging into a source of light and love to connect. This is where the magic beings. And it can be whatever source means something to you. To find this on a personal level, reflect on your faith, the Earth and what makes you happy. You decide what to call it.
  5. Create a practice: For some people, that practice is prayer. For others, it’s a meditation. Journaling prompts or even gentle movement. And for some, it may be a crystal ritual. Try out mantras, breathwork, stillness or really any practice you need to get into your own vibe. It’s okay if you need to experiment around with these things. This is a space of learning, expansion, and freedom.

Use your space as a way to connect with yourself and get creative. Make it a spot you never want to leave.

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