Launch of our organic clothing label - because eco is the way to go! [Video]

Posted by Christina Zipperlen on

 Wow this is really happening! Our organic line of yoga wear is live!!!

Here I am sitting and smiling to myself reflecting on what happens when we don’t give up on our dreams. Check out our little behind-the-scenes video we made:

I’ve lived in Bali for over 7 years now – the land of spirituality, yoga and awareness ... and also the land of contrasting poverty, pollution and corruption. Starting a business on this magical island certainly has brought me more powerful lessons than I could have ever dreamed up. Most important lesson it taught me? To practice patience, surrender and TRUST. Trust that all will unfold exactly as it is supposed to – and that all I had to do is to show up with full integrity, full determination and full devotion. And so I did.

I was determined to run this business ethically. To not go the ‘easy way’ and compromise on my values of eco fashion. To not give up and choose the chemically dyed, highly toxic fabrics that are available in the fabric markets. So I continued researching where to find organic fabrics, how to find natural organic dyes that don't harm the rivers of Bali, and how to run a production that supports the local community.

And I succeeded in the end :) so here we go – I am beyond proud and excited to launch Ananda Soulwear. An organic clothing collection produced under the happiest conditions here on this precious island of Bali. Made from 100% organic fabrics and low impact dyes. Designed to make YOU feel the beauty inside of you. To make you dance and move and sing and hug and giggle. May you feel the love we poured into our creations while wearing them. You are loved!

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