Launch of our Dharma jewelry collection

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Our Dharma jewelry collection is now live!

My heart is dancing right now with excitement about this announcement! I feel so honored to finally show you the jewelry creations I’ve been working on for the past 10 months.

What a wonderful birthing process this collection has been!!! Creativity is such a magical expression and I feel humbled to be creating these pieces of art that want to be expressed through me. The sensation of pride when an idea, a sketch, a conversation turns into a manifested creation that uplifts others and puts smiles on their faces is beyond this world. I feel grateful to have devoted my life and work to creating beauty and smiles.

Thank you to each and every one of you
who love and wear my designs - I love you!

 The meaning of Dharma

Dharma is the Sanskrit word for the principle of a cosmic order running everything. There are many translations and interpretations for dharma. The one that resonates the most with me is the concept of 'Living ones' dharma' which can be understood as choosing the path of living ones' destiny and purpose. In today's world we are faced with endless choices on how to live our lives.  I hope that whoever is touched by my creations will be inspired to tune in with her soul and courageously live her calling - celebrating awake women living their truths. 

What inspired me

jewelry gold vermeil

In the spirit of Dharma, the inspirations for this collection have come from my continuous practice of loving and embracing myself and my body exactly the way I am. I deeply value the daily practice of gratitude and mindfulness – two qualities that are weaved throughout the designs of this collection. One point that I feel very strong about is to remind you that you are complete. There is nothing and nobody outside of you, nothing you can buy or attain (not even my jewelry ;) that will make you feel complete or worthy or beautiful or loved if you don’t deeply embrace that understanding inside of yourself. So it is my deep wish that you will feel the essence of my creations as a reminder of the beauty, strength and magnificence that already resides inside of you. I hope that you will wear my designs as a symbol of celebration of this beautiful body of yours.

Contrasts & consumer behaviour 

Living in Bali, I have witnessed so many beautiful moments of women adorning their bodies with beautiful lace Kebayas (Balinese traditional clothing) to offer their handmade flower offering baskets in prayer and gratitude to their gods. Their beauty and grace is so divine – and is being born out of their deep devotion. May you allow yourself to shine that beautiful light residing inside yourself. Have fun adorning this stunning body of yours - it's yours to live in today and for the rest of this life!!! 


In contrast, living in Asia and traveling a lot to places like India, Thailand, Australia, Europe and the US has also strongly shown me the overflow of useless things we are producing on the planet and the human tendency to accumulate things that just end up in the rubbish. It again brings me to the point that there is nothing outside of ourselves that will make us feel complete. I want to encourage everyone reading this to start practicing mindfulness with our purchases and to look into whether a product is made in a sustainable way, honoring the humans and our planet in the production process. It is so precious to own a few meaningful items that we cherish and that put smiles on our faces and we really need so little.


Have fun exploring my new collection, there are so many precious pieces in it that I have been eagerly anticipating to show you for months now, so these words feel like magic: Our collection is now live and available at


With so much love,




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