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Here's why you should believe in miracles...

You may have stopped believing in unicorns...
...but they never stopped believing in you!
I'm not sure you understand how much fun we had 
designing this new collection...
Like, our job involves carving 
teeny, tiny pendants of unicorns! 
Seriously??! How good does life get! 😂✨💕
So, to share our joy with you (and as promised to say sorry for sending out a funny email last week), we decided
that for 1 week, you'll get 20% off our
 'Believe in Miracles' designs. 

Because life really is THAT good!
You have 7 days to use this unicode


Expires on July 9, 2018




"Always be yourself
unless you can be 
a unicorn!
Then be a unicorn!"

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