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Our new collection is live!

We are so very overjoyed to finally share our new collection with you!

The 'Soul Purpose' collection is especially dear to our hearts since it is the merging of all reasons why we make jewelry! 

Each piece from this collection...
• funds the tuition for underprivileged children in Bali.
• is made from sustainable and recycled materials.
• provides employment for mothers of street children in Bali.
• carries powerful symbols and vibrations to make you feel empowered when wearing them.
• is affordably priced, making perfect little gifts.



Spread your wings necklace $39    |    Believe in miracles necklace $39
I see you necklace $88 | Your life is now bracelet $39


“You can’t do great things.
You can only do little things with great love.”
- Mother Theresa
We have a vision of a healthy and happy planet
where all beings can live in peace, joy and harmony.
It sometimes feels that we are far, far away from that vision.
Making a difference in the world often doesn't look grandiose,
it rather is done by little acts done with great love that often are invisible.
What are your ideas how we could make a little difference in the world?
Right this moment...
...can we notice a little more?
...can we listen to each other a little more?
...can we slow down a little more?
...can we care a little more?
Please let's spread this message! Let's change the world! One little caring action at a time!
Please share your ideas via instagram with the hashtag #changetheworldalittle and tag us!


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