Oh Bali, you are magic! ✨💕

Posted by Christina Zipperlen on

We weren't really planning on opening a new store...but sometimes life has different plans and here we found ourselves, renovating a new space within five weeks because we had to get it ready for this special date that the priest told us we needed to do our opening ceremony on.

Thanks to the most epic team, we actually pulled it off! 🙏✨😍
You can now find us in three locations in Ubud including our new store on Jl. Dewi Sita.

If you have been to Bali, you know how strongly rituals are celebrated and felt here. Coming close to my 10th year on the island of the gods, I am sitting in deep reverence to the power of community honoring life and higher powers together.

Every single time I step into the space of sacred mindfulness, my heart is deeply touched by the subtle shifts that happen, leaving me overflowing with love. And it certainly wasn't different in this ceremony, leaving me in humble awe of life, community and humans getting together with a common goal.

Check out the little video from our blessing ceremony here:

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  • Gorgeous! I’m so happy for you and I always receive so many compliments when I wear your pieces.

    Jocelyn on
  • oh, this is so heart-warming, thank you for sharing!

    Monika Barta on

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