Express Yourself with Intentional Jewelry

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Express Yourself with Intentional Jewelry

What we wear is a form of self-expression whether we intend it or not. Either through deliberate fashion choices or lack of interest in what we wear, how we clothe and adorn ourselves offers others a glimpse into our personality. Jewelry often provides the finishing touch to any look and has the potential to say as much, if not more, about our unique attributes than our clothing choices can. For most, the only self-expression they wish to convey with their jewelry choices is their aesthetic preferences, but for many the jewelry we intentionally choose can be a window into not only our personal journey but the intentions and affirmations we wish to embody every day.

Jewelry can express many different things, from a reminder of the intentions we want to live by every day to affirmations we wish to internalize.

Birthstone Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to use jewelry to express yourself is by choosing to wear a gemstone that represents the month of your birth or your zodiac sign. Throughout history, many cultures have theorized that certain stones coordinated with astrological alignments and had the power to bring healing, luck or fortune for those born during that month. Cultures of old used to wear a different stone during each month of the year to derive their therapeutic benefits, but the practice eventually evolved to just wearing the gemstone that coordinated with your birth month or zodiac sign.

Each month has its own gemstone to represent it, and each zodiac sign is compatible with a handful of gemstone choices, as well. For example, if you’re born in early November, you may choose topaz or citrine to represent the month of your birth, or choose a member of the beryl family such as aquamarine to align with your zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry

If you want to use jewelry to celebrate the anniversary of your birth, you can take it a level deeper and choose pieces that align with the Moon Phase under which you were born. Your Moon sign can reveal insights into your emotional processes and natural instincts, and aligning your jewelry choices with the lunar phase present at the moment of your birth may aid in your self-expression.

For example, if you were born under a Waning Gibbous, you may possess intuitive wisdom and the innate ability to examine your own experiences in the light of self-growth, but you may need to learn how to let go of the need to convince others of the truths you have learned. Wearing jewelry showing the symbol of the Waning Gibbous can remind you of these teachings and keep you on the path to our own self-actualization. For more on moon phase jewelry, we invite you to explore the post “Dwell in the Magic of the Moon.”

If you aren't already aware of your Moon Sign, we invite you to use our Moon Phase calculator to discover your power day.

Jewelry with Significance: Heirloom Pieces, Gifts and More

Jewelry with Significance: Heirloom Pieces, Gifts and More

If you are looking to use jewelry for a deeper form of self-expression, consider pieces that have deep personal significance to you. Heirloom pieces passed from generation to generation come with an established emotional connection to those who came before us. They can remind us of both where we came from and what we need to grow past. Wearing heirloom jewelry can make us feel loved or help remind us to embody the qualities of a loved one we particularly admire. 

Likewise, jewelry that was gifted to us to represent a milestone in our life, from new beginnings to the commemoration of a major accomplishment, can be grounding by reminding us of our brilliance or encouraging us to let our light shine into the world.

Sometimes the occasion we wish to be reminded of was a specific location and time in our lives. If you travel often, consider investing in jewelry from your destination to help preserve those memories.

Expressing Your Values through Choice of Materials

While we usually focus on the more aesthetic qualities of jewelry for self-expression, every aspect of a piece, right down to its materials and production processes, has the potential to carry a message about you. Although it may be a message that few discern, selecting jewelry with ethically sourced materials and production practices can express a lot about how you feel regarding your planet and its inhabitants and can express that you identify as a fellow child of Mother Earth and one who is committed to sustaining it for generations to come.

Ananda Soul for all your Jewelry Needs

At Ananda Soul we practice the art of jewelry for self-expression every day. Our company was founded on a desire to combine art with a love of our planet and an intention to empower women. The jewelry we design and the way we make it allows us to embody our values in every business decision and conduct ourselves with integrity. We use recycled silver in all of our jewelry because we believe it is better for people and the planet, and we source our gemstones from certified small companies and family businesses in order to guarantee good working conditions with minimal impact on the land and its communities. 

When you buy a piece of jewelry from Ananda Soul, not only are you furthering your own personal journey but you’re helping us to fulfill ours as well. If you seek intentional jewelry to aid in the expression of your truest self, we invite you to explore our collection of gemstone jewelry and discover the piece that best represents you today.

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