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The Moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness in order to be seen.

– Shannon L. Alder

Throughout my entire life the Moon has cast a magical spell on my life in many different ways. A recurring pattern that moves in cycles, just like the Moon herself.

Today, I am literally ‘over the Moon’ to share a very special piece of my heart with you - a jewelry collection specifically designed for the different phases of the moon. A desire bigger than myself has asked to form and create something that honors the rhythms of nature and life. Something that allows us humans to tap into the soul parts that rely on nothing else but the rhythms of nature. Let this be a re-membering practice, a leaning into, a trust that is grounded in something deeply ancient and a feeling of ‘here-before’.

Like the Moon, we wax and wane

We have poured our hearts and creativity in birthing and bringing through a beautiful, heartfelt and deeply personal jewelry collection – our MOON collection. There is a deep sigh of gratitude as I write this, as this birthing process has been a humbling, very present, deeply connected and carefully curated co-creation with a team of highly skilled and incredibly beautiful souls.

This jewelry collection is for you to explore, feel, and celebrate the natural pace of the world in this way. She has arrived to remind you of your inherent magnificence and perfection, that you already are and always will be throughout all phases of your life.

Alongside our jewelry collection we created a very special and beautifully designed moon phases calculator through which you can find out what phase the moon was in the day you were born. You will receive your very own moon profile and learn what it says about you, your strengths, your life lessons and the things you might need to look out for. 

My WHY – a life lived under the spell of the Moon

Growing up in Southern Germany I was surrounded with age-old knowledge and traditions around the power and magic of the Moon. From herb witches to natural practitioners, from farmers to spiritual leaders, my own Mother would introduce me to the magic of Moon energy, even cutting mine and my siblings’ hair only according to the Moon calendar. This knowledge is found in old pagan traditions that many cultures around the world follow with their own rituals and ways.

Fast forward to moving to Bali, I encountered the presence of the Moon in the everyday life of every Balinese person. Life on this island circles around the phases of the Moon, finding its amplification in particular ceremonies around the New Moon and the Full Moon. The island is brimming with energy as the Balinese dressed in traditional ceremonial attire make their ways to the temples on these particular Moon days  – whether that is to honor the darkness and with that the beginnings of the New Moon or the eclectic high-voltage energy of the Full Moon. Here, everyone knows in which phase the Moon is currently at.

It is a deeply touching, humbling experience that keeps on reminding me of the inherent intelligence and interconnectivity of life, humanity and the universe – something so much bigger than what we are. It’s there to call upon whenever times get rough. Phases bring in a slowing down, an awareness that everything waxes and wanes, that there are highs and lows in life, times to be outward, to create and celebrate and times to go inward to rest, to restore and replenish at the same time.

‘The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.’ (Arthur C. Clarke)

Ananda Soul Moon Calculator

Every 29.5 days, the Moon wanders through eight different phases changing its beautiful face in the light of the sun. It is a constant metamorphosis that allows us to bear witness to the ever changing transformation life offers us in every moment without losing a single drop of its mesmerizing power and beauty. The Moon invites us to equally find our strength in the darkness and in the light. Her phases remind us that we are complete, too, in every cycle of our own life. This jewelry collection has landed to remind us exactly of that.

May you find as much pleasure and love in our creations as we do.

If you are curious to find out under which Moon phase you have been born under, head to our Moon phases calculator. 


With so much love, Christina and team 

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