Living in your intention – a letter to you as we enter 2024

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Hello, 2024. As always, we begin the year with a little reflection on what is. 

Every year when I find myself trying to find the seemingly right words that honor what was, is now and will hopefully be, I am wondering about how to begin. In 2021, after the first year of the pandemic, I found myself thinking ‘what on earth was that?!’. 2022 had me ask for nourishment and family to provide us with endurance and the heart to sit through another year of separation.

In the beginning of 2023 I found my heart craving for hope and fairytales tired of the split, the drained out remnants of the pandemic, Mother Earth’s sufferings, the cultural and societal movements and the wars that had commenced.

Where do we begin now, 2024?

There has been and still is much to say about 2023. But does the new year really create a felt barrier, a threshold as if we could just skip over to the other side and all will be reset, sparkling new, a bright and fresh canvas? Not really.

Everything that was – raging wars, ignorant politicians, dying children, femicides, a lack of equality in all the ways, to name the least – still is. So, where do we begin (again)?

How does the world feel for you?

In recent months, the world has been full of big headlines, breaking news and sad images. And it is information that doesn’t leave our systems as quickly as it has entered, in the form of headlines, reels, and memes. How is your nervous system doing at the moment? Have you checked in with yourself?

I feel a giant rock on my heart, a pit in my stomach, a feeling of trepidation around my throat, a scratching from my insides, knowing something needs to come out and into expression.

What is it for you? What feels right for you, in integrity? In integrity with your choices, your health, your mental health, your truth?

What is it that helps us create true change while also processing better the confounding pain of our world - a pain that if left unchecked has the potential of turning us away from one another other? But if tended to with care, this pain might be the very thing that might actually find ways to create conversations of compassion and nuance?

What is the one thing that binds us all together?

The beauty is that despite all that is splitting us, many are still trying to see each other and connect through our humanity. We are regardless of it all still trying to root ourselves in our relationships. Many are speaking up and standing up for each other.

What binds us is our humanity. What we lean into is our community. What we build upon are our practices that serve as anchors in a world that keeps on spinning and whirling in light-speed. What comes out of it are compassion and service.

The reality of our situations vary greatly. Regardless of our realities, we talk about shock and grief and terror and sentiments of resignation and how our feelings and opinions aren’t binary. We talk about trauma, crimes against humanity, the right to completeness, safety and dignity, and the urgent need for peace efforts.

We do not have to turn away from the conflicts of the world, AND we can choose to turn toward each other and really truly see each other. And this can show itself in numerous ways. By educating others and ourselves. By expressing our feelings - the anger, the frustration, the sadness, the overwhelm. By being quiet. By protesting. By curling up at times. By retreating into nature, going to therapy, looking after our basic needs. 

In short, to honor what each one needs in any given moment - with respect and care.

We are not meant to process conflict and trauma in isolation. Whether we write, sing, go for long walks, talk on the phone or in person, we are processing this world together, because as humans with nervous systems we co-regulate. We can not not, we all impact each other in one way or another. This is also where a lot of our power lies. We can help one another, so let's do it more.


What is it that you think YOU need this year? What will you choose to surround yourself with this year?

What is it that you need this year? Or just now, at the beginning of this year? Allowing yourself to be a human and to go with your ever changing needs. Trusting the not knowing what is truly right for you, but following the soul's call that the right thing will come your way. 

There is still agency and self-determination in and amongst all of this. What are conscious choices you are making for yourself, what will you surround yourself with this year?

This new year can mark a moment in an ever evolving journey we are on in this life time. And with this give yourself permission to be all aspects of you and what all these aspects of you require so you can come back to relating from a place of support and service. To listen to your instincts, to the call of what body and soul need to not only survive and exist, but actually thrive in this still painfully beautiful world.

The difference is not to just make a list of good intentions. "This year I will work out more. Eat healthier. Take care better care of my house." etc. The difference is to live in your intention. To make it something that is felt and a part of your whole being. To live in your intention is to let it ripple, let it undulate, shape-shift and change, depending on what informs your now. Just make sure to be true to you. And listen to you.

I wonder what is it going to take for us to create a humanity that cares, sees each other, honors life, ‘lives as one’? 

Some (maybe) helpful words for you to bring you onto your path:

Listen to 'Imagine' - by John Lennon.

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.

Go to therapy.

As much as it sounds like a platitude, but: Be the change you want to see.

Just because it’s taking time doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

If you had a big year maybe it helps to know that sometimes we need to slow down the pace to get to know and befriend the new versions of you that came through this year.

Release yourself of the expectation to get anything in return. This is a difficult time for so many and we are all processing it in our own way. 

Pour from your soul.

Drop into your heart and see the other.

You don’t need to make a point. Make a difference.

Keep it general but heartfelt.

Show care.

Be gentle.


With love xx

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