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Change is scary as f*%k – aaand as our self-help books have told us - the only thing that is constant. And still, so many things that I find myself doing are inspired to created stability and comfort for my soul. My work, my business, my relationships, my interactions, what I choose to say or not say, what I choose to do or not do – all based on the understanding of the present dynamics this life is ever changing.

So since change is unavoidable, I have been asking myself: “What would it take to reframe the ‘scary as f*%k’ part about change to a statement along the lines of : ‘Oh what a fun adventure of joyful events this all is – so marvelous that my little mind can’t even predict the perfection!?”

My own personal answers to this is an active focus to shift my attention, to shift my focus in life. My main internal priorities that have been making this shift fun have been:

I choose to focus on movement of body and mind.

I creating space in my life for higher forces to act through me.

I give loving attention to my relationships.

I turn inwards to hear the whispers of my soul and the songs of spirit.

Through focusing on these statements, I naturally have been creating space for art, for dance, for friendships, for meditation, for walks in nature, for connections and for inspiration. Part of the natural unfolding in this shift of my focus has been the introduction to a sweet movement form called Qoya, created by my gorgeous friend Rochelle.

Connecting with women who are right there with me in this soul journey has been expanding my heart in ways I can’t even begin to explain. My amazing friend Elan will be leading a Qoya retreat in 1 month, April 27 – 30th and my soul is dancing to be part of this amazing retreat here in Bali.

I thought I’d send out an invitation to you to come join me at the retreat, to dance and move and share and inspire. To hug and smile and be vulnerable. To be real, to sigh, to giggle. To just be.

If this sounds right for you, head over to the Qoya site to find out more. 

Hope to dance with you next month!

With love,


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