#changetheworldalittle with Emily Kuser

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Let's #changetheworldalittle

Do you sometimes feel heart-broken about the suffering present on this planet? About the pollution and destruction? The selfishness and ruthlessness?
With the power of social media and globalization, we are exposed to more and more and more disturbing information. So trying to make a difference can feel daunting at times. However, there is hope...
You can’t do great things.
You can only do little things with great love.”
- Mother Theresa
Turns out that making a difference in the world isn't done by grandiose acts, but often it rather happens through little acts (that sometimes go unnoticed) done with great love. And there are countless inspiring, passionate, wonderful human beings on this planet who are doing their little part of brightening our planet.

What's #changetheworldalittle?

We believe that in order to bring out the best in ourselves, to open our hearts and generously give, it helps to see the good in others. And the examples of goodness in this world are countless, but unfortunately, aren't blasted on the 8 o'clock news! That is why we created the #changetheworldalittle campaign: to share and spread the word about the inspiring beings we come across. So you may feel encouraged and uplifted to shine in your way - because the world desperately needs you to do so.
How are you making a positive impact in the world? Do you know someone who does? Contact us for the chance to be featured in the campaign.

This month's change-maker and #changetheworldalittle embassador:

Emily Kuser

We are humbled and excited to take you into the world of Emily Kuser, the founder of High Vibe Yoga, has a sincere curiosity about healing methodologies and spiritual systems and wholeheartedly investigates their practicality for everyday people with everyday lives.

Emily Kuser


We asked Emily some personal questions about what it is she does, dreams about, and more. 

If today was your last day on this earth…

What would you do today?

Fly 5 of my loved ones to me immediately, cook an incredible meal, make a fire outside, tell stories and be under the stars together.

What would you like for others to remember you as?

As someone who inspired others to live well, love a lot and belly laugh.

If you could change one thing about human reality, what would it be?

I’d give women their sanity, creativity, sexuality and body-love back.

Emily Kuser | High Vibe Yoga

What was your biggest dream / vision for your life 10 years ago?

I dreamed of sharing Yoga with the world — and I definitely did so.

What is your biggest dream / vision for your life today?

To nourish my dearest relationships, laugh more and grow a garden.

What is something you have created / worked on that you are proud of?

I created a very cool Women’s SelfCare Training that gives myself and other women a place to untease taboos around female psychology, sexuality, physiology and spirituality.

Emily Kuser #changetheworldalittle

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Brave, Patient, Magic

How would you describe the work you currently do?

Audacious, Honest, Fresh

Why do you do the work you currently do? What is your mission, goal, vision?

There are so many things I’ve learned about my body, mind and spirit that are inside-out and backwards. Things that can go a lifetime without consideration. And can cause more harm than good. My mission is to offer a fresh and honest approach to psychology, sexuality, physiology and spirituality.

Emily Kuser 2


Anything else we should know about you?

I love your #changetheworldalittle campaign!

Learn more about Emily and her work:

Website: highvibeyoga.com/

Instagram: @highvibeyoga

Facebook: @highvibeyoga


Are you or someone you know living as a change maker and we need to spread the word about them? Contact us for the chance to be featured.

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  • What a beautiful inspiring read about a remarkable woman, doing her bit to bring about change! 🧘‍♀️🙏

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