Giving back – intentions and values behind our wish for a better world

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Ananda Soul has never just been a business that simply sells beautiful jewelry with beautiful messaging to beautiful people from all over the world. Simply put: We are in business to improve lives.

Our jewelry brand has supported humans from its inception: our vision is a thriving humanity, a healthy planet and a deep calling to act from integrity in favour of a better tomorrow.


At Ananda Soul, we believe that a better tomorrow is one where community thrives. From day one we have been committed to creating a brand that gives back and supports the women and children in the communities where we produce and create our products. To go full circle to us is vital for an impeccable production cycle.

We support humans starting from every individual supporting us along the supply chain, to our team, all the way to our customers and beyond.

Over the years we have supported a great variety of initiatives that are in alignment with our core value to support the local land and community, in particular women and children.


Our projects over the last 12 years have ranged from supporting educational programs, employing mothers to funding initiatives that tackle different social and environmental issues in today’s world.


In our early days we started working with mothers of street children in Bali. By employing these mothers and paying them proper salaries we help interrupt the cycle of poverty. These mothers are hired to braid the bracelets for any of our braided designs. This project is still going.

Further we work with a mother that until today creates and sows the pouches we use to wrap our jewelry in.


Since the beginning of Ananda Soul 10% of each purchase have been directed towards sponsoring the tuition of an underprivileged child in the North of Bali. Supporting children in their education creates an important pillar of our giving back work – until today. Children are the leaders, shapers and the decision makers of a better tomorrow. Providing education, mirroring different ways of thinking, communicating and empowering them to speak their own truth are essential means for a self-determined and impactful life that contributes to a better, thriving community.


In March 2020 we launched our 'Adopt a Family' project as an answer to the increasing hardships the Balinese community faced due to the global impact of COVID-19. Bali, an island whose economy largely depends on tourism, remained empty for a very long time with local businesses incrementally closing down and people losing their main sources of income to help feed their families. In order to alleviate the situation, we started collecting donations to take care of the well-being of a family here in Bali. 

Over the two years while ‘Adopt a family’ has been in place, this project has been evolving based on the needs of each of the communities we support. 

Besides the greater impacts of COVID-19 in October 2021 Bali experienced an earthquake that destroyed over 377 family homes leaving many families with nothing. We directed our donations that came through our Friendship bracelets in the month of November 2021 towards Earthquake relief to support the families in need with mattresses, jerrycans, 550 litre water tanks, cooking equipment, plates, bowls, cutlery and hygiene products.

Thankfully, today, Bali has reopened to tourism again and we have been able to complete our Adopt a Family project and direct our support to other pressing issues in Bali.


We are super proud to share that at the moment we have several projects lined up that support our local communities from different angles and perspectives:

  1. We continue to support our local Bali moms who braid various designs of our braided bracelets to empower them to find their way out of poverty by receiving a proper salary.
  2. 10% of our profits support the Bali Children Foundation, a foundation that focuses on enabling education for children from Balinese families in need as a way out of poverty, paving the way from education to employment. The friendship bracelets we launched in September 2021 are 100% nonprofit pieces that are being donated to the Bali Children Foundation. We are currently sponsoring the tuition of 11 children and aim to grow our support throughout the rest of the year.
  3. Our recently launched Luna Crescent Bracelet is created by our Bali Moms and as a 100% nonprofit piece donations flow to The Bali Street Mums Project a project that fights for mothers and against begging children and human trafficking. In addition, we support Bali mothers in need that look for specific help and support in raising and providing for their children. These mothers are individual cases that are being suggested by our local community.
Ananda Soul Non Profit Bracelets

Ananda Soul non-profit pieces - Friendship bracelet and Luna Crescent bracelet


A great part of our giving back system is the ability to be flexible, agile and pivot towards what’s needed when a situation on our island becomes urgent or changes.

However, we would have not been able to achieve all of this without you, our dear customers and supporters. Every cent spent goes towards the support of what we truly believe in.

We have come a long way in supporting humans from our local community, yet, there is so much more to do and we continue to aspire to be here improve lives.

Thank you from all of us for your deep support and nourishment! 

In order for us to continue to be of support to the local community we would love your continued support. If you are loving our non-profit bracelets, know that 100% of the profit of these pieces flow directly to the projects mentioned above.


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