Ananda Soul wishes you Happy Holidays!

Posted by Christina Zipperlen on

Fuzzy, heart-warming, cozy, loved up and very Happy Holiday from everyone here at Ananda Soul for you, to you and your families.

May these next few days warm and embrace your heart and soul – however and wherever you get to spend the Holiday season with. 

2021 has certainly been a continuation, if not another chapter of the paradox, the strange and weird, the rise and the fall, the unusual and the unknown. We were asked to witness cracks and crevices in society, listen to opinions while at the same time asked to tend to our hearts, our souls, our emotional, mental and physical health and whatever else was emerging. It has surely been another year that pulled many heartstrings, brought grief and joy and made us surrender even deeper into the slipstream and currents of the river of life. To return to trust, trust into humanity, our Earth, Nature and ourselves is something that the Universe will continue to ask from us. Out of the heads and even deeper into our hearts.

To bring even bigger smiles onto your faces we recorded a little video with our shipping and fulfillment team reminiscing back on 2021, sharing their hopes for 2022 and some sweet little holiday greetings.

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