Blessings all around – The Goddess Lakshmi is about abundance & love for life

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Did you ever experience this particular sensation when you opened your eyes, gazed around and had a sudden feeling of immense gratitude, awe and love for everything and everyone around you? Or upon entering a space that suddenly took you aback because you found your senses activated by beauty, energy and vibration? The moment you found yourself mesmerised by the beauty of a flower, captivated by the colors of a sunset or the desire to stop and smell the sweetness of roses you just passed by? You most likely had a moment in which you encountered the loving sweet energy that the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi stands for. She fills the air with sweetness, she takes your breath away, she makes you see and appreciate the world through a lens of beauty. She is present through fertility and birth. She is the fragrance of flowers and healthy soil, she is chocolate mousse, satiny sheets and the soft feeling of water slipping through your fingers.

Lakshmi in our Blessing All Around Mala

The energy and intention of Maha Lakshmi, the great goddess of abundance and fertility has been the inspiration for our latest piece on her, the Blessings all around mala. This creation manifests exactly what she stands for: wherever you wander this Earth, open your senses to receive what is in front of you, because blessings and richness can be found in every corner of life – from the obvious one that is flooded in light to the smallest nook enveloped into the shadows of our world. 

The great goddess of abundance

She is the one who shimmers with loveliness, the one who shines through and glows in the light of summer sunshine. Lakshmi is the brightness of day and the expansiveness of teeming life. By calling her energy into your life you invite every form of blessing into it, too: good fortune, fertility, health, prosperity and beauty. She gives the gifts of worldly abundance, wealth, food, spiritual luster and radiance in all its forms. She is known for her capacity to invite both worldly enjoyment and spiritual freedom into co-existence. She is the energy to be invoked for peace and prosperity, sweetness and harmony. Her energy is cooling and nourishing and infinitely sweet. 

Lakshmi incarnates all the aspects of the auspicious feminine. Her true face is found in the abundance of the natural world. Her power nourishes life on earth. 

Her voice can be heard in morning birdsong, her allure is her ferocious, unconditional, never-ending generosity, her righteousness and loving care for all creatures, as a Stewart for cultivating our Earth. 

She is the never ending, generous giver. She is of boundless, unconditional and compassionate generosity, which can show in the most unconventional ways. To hold Lakshmi’s boons we need to be able to give as generously as Lakshmi herself. She holds the sensitivity to any form of selfishness. A way to worship Lakshmi is to become Lakshmi yourself - through generosity.

Our necklace enables you to open yourself up to the energy that one can experience in a lush garden, or in the spring woods or by a calm tropical ocean. The pendant is engraved with the words “Blessings all around” to remind you of this energy that is rooted in nature, that wherever you stand in life, blessings can be found anytime you choose to open your senses to receive. Because her promise is one of growth, renewal and sweetness.


We acknowledge the Goddess Lakshmi as a key figure of Hinduism. Please note that we are working with the intention and energy of this symbol rather than promoting or following a specific religious belief.

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