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We feel honored to take you into the heart of our business – our production – reigned and guided by mostly women who weave their intricate artistry into every single of our handmade pieces.

Our desire to change the world a little is carried in each of our creations by offering transparency and insight into working with the most ethical and sustainable production procedures possible.

Being aware of the imprint we leave on the world through Ananda Soul is one of our biggest focuses. That is that we constantly investigate the most ethical materials, causing the least harm possible to our beloved planet.

What started as the lovechild from Christina Zipperlen back in 2008 is now, 11 years later, a growing business that is in service of everyone we work with, who supports us with their talent, our local community as well as of the ones we inspire to purchase from us.

It is our promise to create a brand that gives back and supports the women and children in the communities where Ananda produces their products. Furthermore, we look into each component of our designs and trace its origin as far back as possible. 

The core of our jewelry pieces is made from Silver and is sourced from an Italian company that refines their metals using environmentally safe practices. The majority of our gemstones are sourced from another Italian supplier, who only purchases rough materials from certified small companies and family businesses, guaranteeing good working conditions with minimal impact on the land and the neighbouring communities. The remainder of our gemstones (mostly our beads and large stones) come from an Indian family business whose cutters work under ethical conditions. 

We are working with two Bali-based production houses who are as committed to ethical work practices as we are. They comply with fair trade work conditions, offering fair work hours, paid leave, medical and life insurance, and even accommodation for non-local team members along with a daycare for working mothers.

To be in integrity with our values, in every decision, interaction, moment, in every aspect of business and life is the guiding principle behind our creations.

We want to encourage consumers to question their own consumption and the impact their day-to-day choices have on each other and the planet. 

It matters to us to support humans starting from every step along the supply chain, to our team, all the way to our customers and beyond.  


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