7 Tips for staying sane in this crazy world!!

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13 cities in 3 months. And this is what I am calling my ‘I’m-reducing-my-travels’ year. I guess after you’ve lived in 5 different countries and have your soul- & birth-family spread across the entire globe you find yourself considering airplanes, airports, jetlags and cultural adjustment are part of what feels like ‘home’.


In all the transitions and movement, I've found it incredibly helpful to cultivate some habits that have helped me to stay grounded (and have helped my loved ones sane lol).


Now, you don’t have to be traveling to feel the need to introduce practices in your life that keep you sane and grounded. There is enough scary, fast, intimidating and constantly changing information coming into our system at all times – and it only keeps speeding up.


So while these practices are helpful if you travel a lot, they actually are just as crucial if you don’t. Life is becoming more fast and transient by the minute, changing faster and faster.


My dear friend Kat Dawes who sometimes jumps into the role of my life coach said to me many years ago: “Babe, you have GOT to make your practice portable if you want to make this work.” That line stuck with me and inspired me to commit to a daily practice – no. matter. what. And I can say from the core of my soul: this commitment has changed my life.


I’d love to share some of my practices with you today. May they inspire you to take some time for yourself, to connect with your own source in all the movement, change, information and energy that we journey through on a daily basis. May it help you keep a smile in your heart as you read about fires and volcanoes, as you scroll through social media messages and as you walk through this crazy, beautiful, sometimes violent world.


  1. Harmony in your space

When you pack for a 3-months trip and are allowed to bring a max of 23kg, there are certain things that don’t make the cut – and there are some things that are non-negotiable. (And I have to admit, those packing moments are the ones when my friend’s place in LA who’s window ceils are covered in countless crystals, who's bookshelves are overflowing and who's altar has countless card-decks on it are a source of momentary envy and ultimate inspiration).


The list of my non-negotiable items are a stick of Palo Santo or sage, some crystals, angel cards and my Rose Quartz Yoni egg (more on that one another day ;) ). Whenever I lay out my little altar space wherever I land, something in me exhales, bringing an immediate sense of ‘I am home’. These simple tools help purify the space and fill it with my own energy.


Whether you travel a lot or not, I highly encourage you to gift yourself the joy of creating a blissful, harmonic space in your home. Literally the smallest corner of a hotel room filled with this precious attention can shift the entire energy of your internal and external space. If you have the luxury to fill your whole home with these energetic reminders then even better! The way our space is laid out matters SO much, be mindful of what you put in it. 

  1. Nature – fresh air, trees, sunshine

Having access to nature is one of the most healing, accessible tools to ground and connect to our soul and spirit. It is also one of the best ways to help the body get over jetlag. Whenever you feel a little ungrounded, scattered or sad, take out a blip of time and find a spot in nature – a small park, a trail or anything else that lets you touch the grass, see a bird or squirrel, hug a tree and breath oxygen-filled air.


  1. Movement 

Oftentimes the days after a big international flight (or long work week) I really can’t be bothered to get this heavy body into running gear or on that yoga mat. Over the years I have learned though how crucial it is to do it anyways – because the magical transformation blows my mind every single time. Within an hour I can completely change the way I perceive the world and feel in my body! When we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins. It is those exact endorphins that trigger a sensation of happiness, exhilaration and block sensations of pain (similar to the effects of morphine!!). In addition, endorphins boost our immune system. Enough motivation to move this precious body, no?!


  1. Angel cards & Guidance

This one might be a little out there for some people - so take it or leave it and skip to the next point ;). For me personally this one has been a game changer every time I feel alone or in a funk. In essence, Angel or Tarot cards and my pendulum help me to tune in with that wisdom already residing inside of me. Sometimes, when I feel ungrounded from traveling or exhaustion, I struggle a bit to connect with this wisdom. Those are the moments when I sit in front of my alter, light a candle or incense and pull angel cards. I often ask simple questions such as ‘What is it that I need to know right now?’, other times I go into specifics. If this is something that calls your heart, start experimenting with tuning into the guidance present all around through little helping tools that resonate.


  1. Meditation

This is a no-brainer (literally ;) ) but obviously needs to be included in this list. I love the peace that comes over me when I meditate after long flights or un-grounding experiences. I often visualize myself grounded sweetly into the center of the earth, being nurtured and filled with her warm, loving tones.


  1. Healthy food

One of the easiest ways to connect with a place is to eat fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally and with love. It feels so nurturing to replenish and nourish your body with the food lovingly grown in your area. I highly suggest finding local farmers markets, connecting with the people who grew the food and grounding into the local energy.


  1. Tune in with your friends – no matter where you are

Our community is one of the most important sources of security, love and sense of belonging. If you live a rather transient or busy life it can be easy at times to get caught up in the things grabbing your energy. It is such a precious practice to make a conscious effort to stay connected to our loved ones from wherever we are – and no matter how busy we are. Technology is advancing faster than we could have ever imagined, for better or for worse. In areas of communication it definitely can be used for the better, so take advantage of the facetimes, whatsapps, facebook calls and all the other amazing and free options that we have now to connect to across boarders or timezones.





As I am preparing to get on a plane to fly back to my beloved Bali home I feel so much gratitude mixed with humility towards the rumbling volcano. May our journeys continue to be blessed! Sending love!



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