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I'm honored to share with you some of the inspirations behind the work we do here at Ananda Soul: 


So in essence, creating beautiful jewelry & clothing isn’t enough for us. Yes, we want you to feel beautiful when wearing our creations. But we also want to empower you to make buying decisions that have a positive impact on the planet and other people. We encourage people to start questioning what goes on behind the scenes of the products they buy. We put an enormous amount of energy into the way our employees are treated, ensuring that they get paid a fair salary and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. We also do everything in our power to work with recycled, sustainable and low-impact materials, reducing our footprint to the lowest possible.


Below are a few areas we focus on at Ananda Soul:

ETHICAL – We are tracing our production throughout every step of our supply chain, making sure that our creations are made consciously from start to finish. That applies to where we source our gemstones, our gold and silver and our fabrics to the way the stone cutters, silversmith, tailors and our direct team members are treated and paid.
FAIR PAY – We guarantee that all the people involved in the production of our products are paid a fair salary for their skills and services. We feel so blessed to be working with a team of amazing people and each team member is treated like family with fair wages and benefits.

GIVING BACK – Our future lies in the children and in the women who birth them - hence we are committed to creating a brand that supports the women and children in the community where we produce and create our products.  For the past five years, we have been working with underprivileged mothers of street children in Bali.  By employing these mothers, their children are able to go to school - thus interrupting the cycle of poverty. With each purchase of $100 and above, you receive a FREE bracelet made by the moms and help keep this foundation going. 

RECYCLED – All our jewelry is made from certified green recycled silver. There is enough silver circulating on the planet and we find it unnecessary to encourage any further mining.
ORGANIC - Our apparel is made from certified organic cotton and organic bamboo without any nasty chemicals that might impact your health. The mainstream fashion industry is one of THE most toxic industries on the planet and we refuse to be part of that pollution. We only use low-impact, plant-based dies for the colors of our fabrics to avoid water pollution.
ECO FRIENDLY – We attempt to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. The silver used in our jewelry is recycled with a green certificate, ensuring a clean waste process. The cotton in our apparel is certified organic with low-impact dies. Being based in Southeast Asia, we are more directly exposed to the results of pollution and toxic waste, feeling a powerful urgency to have a positive impact on the environment through the work we do.
VEGAN – all our products including our packaging are completely cruelty-free according the yogic value of Ahimsa. Everything available in our shop has been created without any use of animal products or byproducts.
SUSTAINABLE – producing in a sustainable way means that we do not take more than we give back to the environment. We only use silver that is already circulating on the planet and avoid adding any additional toxicity to the planet. mindfulness. Prayers for peace in the world and mindfulness.
WITH LOVE – All our jewelry is charged with prayers for peace in your life and in the world. Our gemstones have been cleansed and blessed with special wishes that your life may be filled with love, health, joy and purpose. Our creations carry special symbolism to activate your strength and highest purpose.




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  • Thank you and Thank you again. Deep gratitude to you all the Amanda’s, thank you fer your mindfulness in every step of your creative process. You have inspired me in my own process. You are gently yet determinately paving the way for all to follow, showing us how to build a co creative business that inspires joy, harmony, sharing, wealth and inner riches, and that it can be done nd be more than incredibly successful. I honour in you your vision for a better future and finding a way to bring that desire through for the world, through the work that you do. I wish you more and more of abundant success. With love and thanks xxx Michelé

    Michele Jacobs Gerrard on

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