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Releasing a new collection always comes with huge emotions and shifts in my own personal life. It almost feels like giving birth to the creations that have been manifesting themselves for the past year. I am deeply humbled by the lessons and beauty that this process brings. 

We decided to launch the collection that just came out on the New Moon in Virgo. The vibration of this New Moon was to trust that even though we might not be able to see the full picture at the moment, it is all right to continue on our path of listening to what we know in our hearts to be true right this moment and to take this journey of life  step by step being guided by our soul’s calling. 

This vibration couldn’t have been more fitting to the collection we were finally ready to birth. 

We live in an in credibly fast world, where often there is little time to stop and listen to our soul’s calling. In my own personal journey as an entrepreneur and jewelry designer, I have found myself swept up at times, in all the planning and managing, the foreseeing and thinking, to eventually hit a point of overwhelm (after ignoring numerous signs my body was sending), that forced me to completely surrender. And in this surrender I would suddenly hear a familiar trust – a trust that my efforts will make a difference in exactly the way they are supposed to. A trust that spaciously asks: How I can show up with my highest intentions today? How can I honor our planet just a little more? How can we give back to the local Balinese community in even more significant ways? How can we attempt to reduce our carbon footprint yet further? And how can I continue to sprinkle joy into all that I do?

It is in this sense of surrender that I have created my latest creations: The Svāhā collection.

Svāhā is a powerful word chanted in offering and fire ceremonies that are part of the Hindu culture and are often practiced here in Bali. It is an expression of surrender and trust in the higher powers as we give up our offerings. May we all rest in deep trust that our offerings are received with love when we show up with the perfect balance of an open heart, diligence and highest intentions. So be it!


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  • Nothing better than wearing something on your body that promotes positive powerful energy. Thank you for creating this.

    Amie oberdick on
  • Beautiful and serene ?

    Desney on
  • I will be back in November in Ubud??

    Heike Degen on

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